Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Bertie Beeting around the bush

Hey pal, hope you're doing good. 

Back in April I went to Sydney with my buddy Alex, here we are at the airport. (That's Jack Johnsons dad sitting down behind us).
While in Sydney we went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Amongst all the fun of being there, I also found time to complete my lifelong dream of buying 100 Bertie Beetle Showbags. 

It cost me exactly two hundred dollars, but for a life long dream that's pretty cheap.
I packed as lightly for this trip as I would have packed if I'd just been going down to the shops, but even still, sharing the weight between Al and I, we only just managed to get the show bags onto the plane. 

100 Bertie Beetle bags weighs a lot more than I was expecting, and was hard work lugging them around Kings Cross trying to find a backpackers. And then the next day as we went about the city, and then later the airport. The bags were heavy, but not nearly heavy enough to crush my spirits.

But so anyway, I've only brought that up so that I can say this; finally, tomorrow, (Wednesday, June 5), is the big day of the Kenneth Biennale TCB opening. 

So yeah, if you're near Melbourne tomorrow night, or probably tonight when you're reading this, please come check it out, say hi and have a drink with us at TCB, (located at 1/12 Warratah Place).  

The opening starts at 6pm and goes to 8pm, but don't be too late if you can help it because, to make this show as good as a Royal Show, if you're one of the first fifty people you'll get a free Bertie Beetle show bag. 

Anyway, really hope to see you tomorrow. 

It's been such hard work but I think the show's really good and I really, really hope you get a chance to see it. 

Ok, that's enough, it's 11.55 and I haven't had dinner yet. I sure would love a Bertie, but my dream was only to experience the thrill of buying them, I'll save the eating them for you. 

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