Thursday, January 29, 2015

A guy walks into an artbar

Hey pal, have you seen today's paper? My "KENNY THE WACKY ARTIST!" cartoon from the previous blog post was in the comics section, right there underneath a Calvin and Hobbes!
Ha, no, not really, I was just pretending, cause you know, that's the kind of thing us wacky artists do.

One thing that's equally as exciting as that though, and this thing is actually real, is I've got a new work in the MCA Artbar this Friday night (January 31) at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art. Amazing!

The night has been wonderfully curated by my boy Tom Polo and is based on the theme of humour and the every day. It goes from 7 to 11pm. You should definitely come, you'll have the best time! Click on this sentence to buy a ticket. (Or, if you're able to come but you really can't afford it then let me know and I'll give you one of my plus ones. I've only got two though so get in quick!) 

I'm really tired right now, and I've never been to an Artbar before so I don't know how good I'll be at selling this, but basically a bunch of artists will be doing performances, there's a stand up comedian doing a 30 minute set, there's a human pass the parcel, a dance contest, someone's presenting a lecture about Seinfeld, and you can experience all that while enjoying nice food and drinks and of course seeing all the amazing work in the MCA collection. 

a kind of a party type event and my work is essentially the balloons. I guess it's a sort of tiny 30 second performance thing, technically, maybe, (ha, am I being too self deprecating?), the balloons are only very little compared to everything that's going on, but hey, speaking of the balloons, Kenny the Wacky Artist might not have been in the newspaper today but look, Tom sent me this image earlier today of my Trying not to blow it balloons in The Guardian!And then to top it off I just saw that my  little photo is also the MCA ARTBAR's new facebook cover photo.

Pretty darn cool, pretty crazy, sometimes I forget how lucky I am. And of course I'm very aware that any day now the balloon is gonna burst. But in these helium moments before things start deflating I really should go pack my bag. I don't know what I'll pack though, the only thing I was planning on bringing was guns, knives and magnets, and I've just read that apparently Tiger Airways forbids all of that. 
(It also turns out that none of the Ninja Turtles' weapons are allowed on the plane either. What the shell?!)
In other news I've just booked in the backpackers I'll be calling home the next two nights. I read over 20 reviews of this hostel and nearly all of them complained about the lift being too slow. Ha, how slow can it be??? Stay tuned for next weeks blog post as I'll be sure to give you a full report.
But alright, it's past 2am and I'll be at the airport in a few hours so I really need to wrap this up, but one last thing to go out on; earlier this afternoon, to get into the spirit of heading back up to Sydney, I did a little drawing on my knee.It's Syd.You remember Syd. He was one of the mascots from the 2000 Olympics.And so Syd, on my knee. Syd knee. Sydney. Ha, should I keep explaining it?(Now I know a lot of people might not consider drawing to be an extreme sport, but I bet those people have never tried to draw whilst being completely blinded by the sun.)If you're feeling a bit unsure of what to get for your next tattoo you should totally get the Syd-knee. You'll feel like a gold medal Olympian as you drive your car and look down through the steering wheel to see Syd waving back up at you.Anyway I've drifted right off topic when really I should be drifting off to sleep, but thank you so much for reading this and hopefully you can join me at the MCA Artbar on Friday night, (which by the time I upload this is probably "tomorrow!") So yeah, I'd love for you to come. But don't take my word for it, if you read today's paper you'll see that even those spooky psychics think you should come!