Monday, April 06, 2020

Life is like a P.O. Box of chocolates

Hi, hope you're really well, staying safe and having a nice day.

Here's a new drawing called Flatten The Serve.
In these scary times almost everything seems uncertain, but one thing we do know for sure is the correct way to make Vegemite toast. #flattentheserve

In other news, a huge thanks to the people who bid on my sculpture It's Way Too Sunny, Boy, as well as all the other fantastic artworks, in the recent Art Aid fundraiser exhibition held at Gippsland Art Gallery.

Together we raised an amazing $161,200 for the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund, with all money going to those who lost their homes in the recent Australian bushfires.

In other news, here's a new Twisties themed trophy sculpture I was recently commissioned to paint.

It was a really fun project to work on, thanks to Brendan for organising it. The sculpture was commissioned as a parting present for a lawyer who loves Twisties.

And in other news, I got a new P.O Box!

I collect abandoned shopping lists so if you've written one and are done with it, please put it in an envelope and send it my way. 

The postal address is P.O Box 232, Batman, Vic. Australia. 3058.

Thanks so much for reading!

A few things I'm grateful for during this tough time are blogs, P.O boxes and the out of this world technology that allows us to remain connected despite being spacially distanced. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

It never rains but it paws

Hi, here's a new ceramic sculpture I made of a tube of Paw Paw Ointment.
Speaking of paws, there's still three weeks left to see some paw prints I painted as part of my mural in the current exhibition, Drawing On The Wall, at Deakin Art Gallery.
Drawing On The Wall, curated by James Lynch and featuring Kerrie Poliness, Julia Gorman, David Harley and myself, is on until Friday March 27, for more info please click here
Photo by Polo Jimenez
In other news, the Gippsland Art Gallery fundraiser live auction is happening from 4pm this Sunday March 15th, featuring works by so many great artists including Victoria Reichelt, Yvette Coppersmith, Sanne Mestrom, Richard Lewer, Sophia Hewson, Michelle Hamer and Tai Snaith.

All money raised goes towards the Gippsland Bushfire Appeal, helping those in the area affected by the recent bushfires. For more info and to bid online please click here.
And in other news, I've recently been commissioned to make some drawings for the ethical investment website, A Rich Life, run by Claude Walker. Here's one of the drawings I made this week responding to panic buying rolls of toilet paper.

Thanks so much for reading, hope you're really well and having a paw-ticularly nice day.

Monday, February 17, 2020

A Deakin of hope

Hi, here's a new mural I painted last week called Footprints.
This is one of two new murals I painted as part of a new exhibition titled Drawing On The Wall, presented at Deakin University Art Gallery.Drawing On The Wall is a group show featuring myself, Kerrie PolinessJulia Gorman and David Harley.

The show's curated by James Lynch, who invited the artists to make large works directly on the gallery walls.

We also spent time working with the Deakin Uni art students, as seen here in this photo of myself working with art students 
Bianca Fletcher-Gunev, Kat Mitchell and Sam Robertson-Waterson. It felt a bit like we were a formula one crew as we all worked side by side painting the car.
For more info about the exhibition please click here.
And if you'd like to read a little article about the show published in the Dockland News, please click here.

Drawing On The Wall is on until March 27, with the official opening from 6-8pm this Wednesday, February 19. Hopefully see you there!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Choc full of hope

Hi, here's a new ceramic sculpture titled CareForYourFello Koala
I made this sculpture for the ArtForJustice fundraiser, organised by Stella Maynard, with all money raised going directly to the Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities and SEED Mob, an Indigenous youth climate network.

I also sold these five new ceramic Friendchips, (with the money raised going to the Salvation Army Bushfire Appeal), because the world could really use a friend right now.
In such a devastating bushfire season it's been so inspiring to see everyone do their best to help in any way they can. 

Another new work I've made in response to the climate crisis is this ceramic sculpture, titled It's Way Too Sunny, Boy.
Acrylic on kiln fired earthenware ceramic. 16 x 10 x 9cm. 2020.
I've donated It's Way Too Sunny, Boy to the Gippsland Bushfire Appeal exhibition, opening this Saturday February 15, at the Gippsland Art Gallery.

The exhibition runs until March 15, when the artworks will be auctioned off with all money raised going towards the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund, to help support those who have lost their homes in the East Gippsland fires.

For more info please click here.

Thanks so much for reading, hope you're having a safe and happy start to the year.