Monday, December 31, 2018

Playing Favorites

Question- what's a birds favourite dessert?
Answer- A frog in a pond!
(Ha, I feel like I should point out that a 'frog in a pond' is a chocolate frog in jelly, just incase you didn't get that toad-ally awesome joke.)
Speaking of hungry birds, here's a drawing I did of a seagull.

And in super egg-citing news, my drawing is on the latest cover of The Monthly!

It's so fun seeing posters of the seagull perched around the city, popping up all over the place like actual seagulls.
And this morning I went to the library and it was so surreal to see my little seagull hanging out with all these iconic covers.
Big thanks to Erik Jenson for this amazing op-bird-tunity!

In other Monthly news, the brilliant writer Helen Garner has just released a book of essays, many of which were first published in The Monthly, and earlier this month I made a ceramic sculpture of it.
Recently, after attending a talk by Helen Garner I had the honour of getting to show her my sculpture and she even autographed it for me!

Big thanks to Text Publishing for this amazing op-book-tunity!
While I'm thanking people, a huge thanks to everyone who saw my work in the most recent exhibition, Dream Theory No. 2 at Pompom Gallery in Sydney.

Here's a photo of one of my new ceramic works in the show called 
Chicken Salt, Salt Lamp, Chicken Salt Lamp.

Chicken Salt, Salt Lamp, Chicken Salt Lamp
Acrylic on ceramic. Photo by @culturescouts. 2018
Another really nice thing that happened this month is The Art Life published their first annual Art Life awards I was the joint winner, along with Sydney artist Sara Morawetz, of their emerging artist award! Huge thanks to The Art Life!

At the time I found out I'd been picked for this award I was on my lunch break working at the supermarket, during a 9 hour shift of pushing trolleys and wearing antlers.

Oh deer
I actually recieved two awards that day- the Art Life emerging artist one, and also the supermarket awarded me a box of Cadbury Favorites. Big thanks to the supermarket!
I like to think the supermarket gave me the Favorites as a way of saying I'm their Favorite trolley pusher. And sure, technically they gave every trolley pusher a box of favorites but that's only because they didn't wanna be accused of Favorites-tism.

Anyway when I got home I put the Favorites to good use and turned them into frogs in ponds.

All croaks aside though this time of year can often be really difficult and I hope you're well and enjoying some unfrogettable nice times with your friends and family.

Later this week I'm heading to Tasmania to do some paintings for Mona Foma. If you're down that way come say hi!
Thanks so much for reading. Wishing you a nice and happy hop into 2019.