Monday, June 03, 2013

Night at the TCB

Hey pal, so at lunch time today I went to the two performances at Margaret Lawrence Gallery that I talked about in yesterdays post.

They were awesome.

Here's a drawing I did of Legendary Hearts during their set.
I showed it to one of the guys in the group after, the one that works the mix board, he laughed and said I captured his slouch exactly.

The rest of the day I've been installing the Kenneth Biennale at TCB Gallery. 

It's mostly just been me with this whole gallery to myself, shuffling about from room to room trying to layout an exhibition. I've been singing a lot of Paul Kelly loudly with TCB's trusty echo as my backup singer. It's been a busy day but now my eyes are sore and I'm tired and it's time to stop. 

I feel about as sleepy as this guy I drew on the train this morning.
Anyway, it's 11.30 and rather than go through the hour and a half journey it would take me to get home, just secretly between you and me, I'm sleeping here.

I brought in a pillow and a sleeping bag and I dragged the gallery heater into gallery one. 

I haven't seen that Ben Stiller movie, Night at the Museum, but I'm sure it's exactly what tonight'll be like.
Don't worry, the sleeping bag and pillow won't be in the exhibition. 

I'm not sleeping here for art or anything like that, I'm just taking full advantage of the amount of money it costs to hire a gallery. Plus I'm just staying here for fun.

Well, that's what I thought, but actually it's a little cold and a little noisy and a little lonely and the floor is really, really hard. 

Ha, but I don't mind, I've stayed in plenty of backpackers with much worse conditions.

Ok, well, I'm gonna go on youtube. Thank you for reading. Oh and so remember this TCB show opens on Wednesday, (June 5), from 6-8. Hope you can make it!


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