Saturday, June 01, 2013

Kenneth Biennale


(Pinch, punch, first day of the month).

So ok, just quickly, well as quickly as I can, here’s some news about a thing my pal Amy and I are putting on next week. Actually, technically it opened yesterday, I should've written about this sooner.

Basically it all started when I realised that Venice rhymes with Kenneth. Well, if you mumble when you’re saying it and you have a bit of a lisp like I do. 

The rest is pretty obvious really, once you realise that your name rhymes with Venice the logical next step is to put on a biennale. 

So that's what's happening, the Kenneth Biennale.

(Ha, just incase I didn't explain that properly, Kenneth Biennale is a pun on Venice Biennale). 

If you’re reading this blog then you’re probably at least vaguely interested in art, and so I’m guessing you’ve probably heard of The Venice Biennale. It doesn't matter if you haven't though, the Venice Biennale is essentially just a great big art festival that occurs, as the name suggests, in Venice, once every two years.

The other day I painted the Kenneth Biennale logo, here it is.

I must confess it does pay a slight tribute to the Venice Biennale logo, the one big difference being that the Kenneth Biennale lion has no wings.
The Kenneth Biennale will be held simultaneously across two Melbourne artist run spaces; TCB and Rearview Gallery, with both openings happening this week on Wednesday and Friday. (June 5th and 7th). 

Kenneth Biennale also has its own pavilion within the Third/Fourth Melbourne artist-facilated Biennial, curated by Chris L.G Hill at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery. I'm pretty excited to talk about the pavilion but I'll save that for later, in the meantime though the show opened yesterday and runs until June 23, so go check it out! 

Here is your invite for that.

It's only from talking with friends while doing this that I've realised just how many people haven't heard of the Venice Biennale, I guess it's only really something you hear about if you're into art. So in hindsight maybe the Venice Biennale wasn't the best event to base a show on, no matter how great the pun is.

It'd be better if it was something everybody's heard of, like Woodstock. I think Wayne got it right when he put on Waynestock in Waynes World 2. 

I can just picture Wayne now, having a great big laugh at my expense.
There's a lot of things about this show that scare me, a lot, but my biggest fear I think is that surely some people will say that it's arrogant to call it the Kenneth Biennale. I hope they understand that it's really just meant to be fun.

I just like puns, and sadly this pun was too good to pass up on. 

If only Kenneth rhymed with sausage sizzle, that would've been a lot easier, but unfortunately for me it rhymes with Venice.

But so ok, here's the list of all the artists exhibiting in the Kenneth Biennale.

Amy May Stuart, Caleb Shea, Charlie Sofo, Chelsea Hopper, Christina Hayes, Chris O'Brien, Christine Pittock, Christo Crocker, Chris L.G Hill, Chris Clarke, Christopher Scuito, Daniel Peter Petersen, Darren Munce, Elizabeth Gower, Henry Jock Walker, Jack Hooper-Bell, Jessie Hall, Jimmy Nuttall, Jon Campbell, Kenny Pittock, Lisa Radford, Lucina Lane, Minna Gilligan, Nellie Reinhard, Nick Ryrie, Thomas Better, Toby Pola, Tom Polo, Tristan DaRoza.

So yeah, as you can see there's a lot of really incredible artists involved and I think the show's are going to be really good.

(The other thing I need to mention is that there is obviously a lot of other really great artists we would've loved to invite to participate in this thing if we'd had a little more time and space.)

For all the exact details on times and locations, this sentence is a link to the facebook event. It's the first facebook event I've ever written. Please click attending.

I guess that’s enough about this for now, I’ll talk a lot more about the ideas behind the show and all the other stuff very soon, but this morning I guess I just wanted to officially announce on this blog the existence of the Kenneth Biennale, and also to officially invite you to please come to the openings this Wednesday and Friday night.

Ok, great, let me know if you have any questions, thanks heaps for reading, hope to see you next week!

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