Friday, May 22, 2020

Apocalipso now!

Hi, here's the five flavours of 2020- Denial Donut, Bargaining BubbleGum, Angry Orange, Depressed Durian and Acceptance Apricot.
I made these new ceramic sculptures as part of an upcoming project I'm excited to be working on with Cement Fondu Gallery. The project launches in June, more details on that coming soon!

In the meantime I just wanna say a huge thanks to everyone who enjoyed the 
fish drawing video I made with Bunjil Place Gallery! 

Here's some of the amazing fishes that were drawn in response to it by some awesome young artists.

Here's a big blue eyed fish eating a little fish, by the incredible Gus!
Here's a fishy Mothers Day card from an extremely talented 8 year old.

And here's Celeste with her fin-tastic fishy masterpiece!

If you enjoyed the fish drawing video and would like to try another activity, here's a new video I made for Bunjil Place Gallery where you can learn how to draw your shopping list, just like Michelangelo! 

Thanks so much for reading, hope you're safe and well and that the rest of your weekend is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Monday, May 04, 2020

When you fish upon a star

Hey, have you ever wanted to know how to draw a fish?

Yes? Fantastic! Or should I say, fintastic, because i
n exciting news I've just made a new fish drawing tutorial video, filmed at home for Bunjil Place Gallery.
In the video you'll learn how to draw an animated fish named Calm Clive. The video's aimed at a younger audience but I think it's pretty fun for all ages. Hope you like it!
Big thank you to Sarah Lyons and everyone at Bunjil Place for inviting me to do this, and also a huge thanks to my partner Emmy for doing such an amazing job filming, not to mention letting me turn our living room into a film set.
In other news, here's a flyer for an upcoming exhibition I'm in called Shaping Wit, curated by Cassandra Hard-Lawrie at The Concourse gallery in Sydney. 

The group show was originally scheduled to be happening now but is currently postponed.  I'll let you know as soon as the new exhibition dates are confirmed and am looking forward to a time when it's safe to leave the house and hopefully see you there!
Oh and lastly, May the fourth be with you! To celebrate Star Wars day, here's a ceramic sculpture I made last year of a Chewbacca Pez dispenser, called Chewie on Chewie.
And here's Chewie giving you the side eye.
Thanks for reading, hope your week is going swimmingly!