Thursday, September 03, 2020

Ready, set, up&go!

Hi, here's a new pair of ceramic sculptures titled Up and Go, Sit and Stay.

Up and go, sit and stay. Acrylic on earthenware ceramic. 13cm x 8cm x 11cm (x2). 2020

Originally created for Cement Fondu gallery, these works are included in the upcoming online exhibition called 'Do I have to spell it out for you?', opening this Saturday at Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery.

Running from September 5th to October 25, the current restrictions have shifted the show to being an online event.

The show brings together eight artists whose work plays with language, and features myself alongside artists Ben Aitken
, Chun Yin Rainbow Chan, Kate Just, Nasim Nasr, Claudia Nicholson, Christian Thompson, and Shevaun Wright. 

Big thanks to Chris Thompson from the Vision Australia community radio arts show for inviting me on last Monday to talk with him about the show.

For more info about the exhibition click here.

In other exciting news, a big thanks to Art Almanac, who featured this review of the current Cement Fondu online exhibition 'Don't Let Yourself Go' in their latest issue, with accompanying images of my ceramic Apocalipso series

In other exciting news I have some small sculptures in an exhibition called 'Primaveral' at Mitchell Fine Art Gallery in Brisbane. The show runs from September 2nd to October 3rd, for more info click here.

And in other exciting news, it's officially Spring! 

To celebrate, here's a ceramic sculpture I'm making of a mini Spring roll, photographed next to an actual mini Spring roll.

And lastly, a huge shout out to the superstar artist Tony Albert who recently acquired my
 Melted Bubble'O Bill ceramic sculpture.

Here's a photo of Bubble'O installed in its wonderful new home, surrounded by amazing pieces by Richard Bell, Daniel Boyd and Gemma Smith. Some very nice housemates indeed!