Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Up zits creek without a paddle pop

Hey, the other night I was driving home after another fun filled day at work collecting trolleys, when check out this very cool message that my workmate sent me.

So it turns out the specific Coles I work for has its own facebook page, and yeah, a customer was talking me up on it for being nice, (ha, and remember, the customer is always right.)

(It's the third comment down).

I remember on my first shift at Coles when one of the guys I work with asked the boss "How come we have to wear name a tag?" and the boss said "So that customers can compliment you more personally". To which my workmate replied "Get stuffed, it's just so that they can complain about us". Ha, but so there you go.

It's pretty amazing that a customer took time out of their day to write that. Thanks so much Kylie, I thought about your very nice comment all Saturday while I worked 8 hours to cover someones shift who'd apparently told the boss that he couldn't come in because he has a pimple on his leg and it hurts when he walks. 

So shout out to Big L, from all of us here at we wish you a speedy recovery and we hope the pimple pops. 

...And changing the subject slightly from pimple pops to paddle pops, back in 2012 I made some ceramic Paddlepop ice-creams that were acquired by the Melbourne Uni Union Collection, and the reason I'm writing this little blog post is that the collection is now on display in the current exhibition on at George Paton Gallery. 

And so yeah, I just wanted to let you know that if you're around the Parkville campus tonight, (Thursday the 17th), between 5-7pm, come along for the closing celebration drinks. Here's the details;

Here's a sculpture from 2012 of a Rainbow Paddlepop in front of some rainbow oil.
Rainbow paddlepop. 2012
And here's some sculptures of Chocolate Paddlepops, also from 2012, in a fancy perspex box in the current George Paton exhibition, photographed by Alice Mathieu.

And so yeah, if you're free tonight then please bring your lovely manners and cheery personality, squeeze your pimples out and squeeze some more art into your life!
pop art