Sunday, January 26, 2014

Waving the flag

Howzit bloody goin maaaaaate?! Happy Straya Day bro!

To get in the spirit of Australia Day the latest issue of the MX newspaper, in a similar way to how Google often plays with its logo, has replaced the X in mX with a criss crossed pair of Australian flag thongs. 
Getting into the spirit of the day myself, I shodily re-enacted MX's topical logo by making a quick painting and using my sculpture of Australian flag thongs. 
Clearly an mXcellent use of my sculpture, and of my time.

(On a side note, if you'd like to see the sculpture of the Australian flag thongs, I'm very excited to say that they are, along with a selection of my other grad show work, a part of a group show I'm in at West Space that opens this Thursday. Come along! Click on this sentence for all the details.)

Actually, on the topic of flags and newspaper front pages, maybe you can help answer something I've been a wondering... 

On the front page of the Sunday Herald Sun a few weeks back there was an article about how Melbourne soccer fans are getting particularly out of control, and in a photo they printed of a riot there was a big handmade flag of a scary Viking type guy. 

Here's a drawing I made of it.
Basically I have no idea what the scary Viking guy means. So yeah, if you have any ideas as to what this flag I've drawn is, or what it represents, please let me know!
One flag I do understand though is the iconic yeah flag, by the iconic Melbourne artist, Jon Campbell. 
If you walk into the National Gallery of Victoria right now you can buy the yeah on a tea towel. If you can fork out the dough you can even buy it on a tea towel in a frame. 

Here's a drawing I did of one of the framed tea towels.
As I was drawing the yeah a mother and daughter walked past and the mother said to me "Nice drawing love, but if the thing's under that glass how the heck am I supposed to dry my dishes?!"

Ha, "yeah, yeah" I laughed.
But anyway, thanks heaps for reading, and I should get going as I have some dishes to do myself, and a BBQ to head to, where I'll know doubt the barbie will have shrimp thrown on it as we listen to triple J, watch the tennis, get neknominated to skull a cask before getting my head kicked in and ending my night face down in a gutter while draped in my favourite flag. 

The fact that Australia Day celebrates the anniversary of our barbaric colonial invasion, a day that represents so much loss and mourning for so many people makes it a difficult event to get your head around, but whatever Australia Day means to you, I hope you're treating everybody even better than how you'd like be treated, and having yourself a rad day in this beautiful and amazing country.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

One concert to Rule them all

Sup homie, how's thug life treating you?

Last Sunday the rapper Ja Rule was in town doing a concert, and because my buddy Alex was once Ja Rule's biggest fan, we hopped in our ride and headed over to Toorak, the live music capital of Melbourne.

(On the off chance you've recently been busted upside your head and forgotten who Ja Rule is, he's the guy who made this timeless classic back in 2002.
Before we went to the gig here's a drawing I did of Ja while deciding whether or not I should wear a du-rag.
I didn't wear a du-rag, but I did wear the closest thing I could find, which was a bandana I'd originally made to wear to a friends pirate themed 21st party.

Here's a photo of me waiting for Ja, and as you can see I was looking both tough and classy, and certainly not dorky, as I drank a Passion Envy cocktail.
The cocktail cost $11, and so it made sense to get it instead of paying $9 for a beer. 

A Passion Envy is vodka, midori, malibu and lime, with a kiwi fruit dangling from the side of the glass dangerously close to my white t-shirt.

The next day I made this drawing of the chalkboard sign behind the bar.
Now I'm not going to criticise the sign, heaven forbid, but I guess what graphically stuck out to me about it was the weird way that the E in Envy went behind the cocktail glass, but the word vodka separated around it.

But anyway so I only wore the bandana for about 15 seconds before my buddy asked me to take it off, and it seemed maybe I wasn't the only person who was talked out of wearing one, as later on just in front of the venue I spotted someone else's abandoned bandana.
Maybe it was Ja Rule himself's bandana, and maybe he too had a friend who insisted that he shouldn't wear it. Maybe Ja's inability to decide between bandana or no bandana is why he was an hour and a half late for the show. 

Actually the fact that Ja Rule arrived so late is kind of funny given that his biggest hit is about always being on time. Once he hit the stage though nobody minded and time stood still as we danced to songs about murder.
After the set Al and I waited for about an hour outside the VIP section of the club, hoping to get a photo. Looking into the VIP section was just like watching Entourage, and probably the most exciting part of the night.
Despite having well and truly hid my bandana, Alex and I were, as expected, not allowed into VIP.

It would've been awesome if we'd got to meet him, all wasn't completely lost though because at this point I took out the 15cm ruler that I had in my pocket, (ha, that's not a euphemism), and after giving it to some guy in a suit it eventually made its way to Ja Rule and he signed it. I doubt he even realised what he was signing, but still, pretty cool, here it is, a Ja Ruler.
On the way home Alex and I went into one of those Hungry Jacks stores that's attached to a petrol station, and in the time it took Al to eat onion rings and a sloppy Whopper I harnessed the power of the Ja Ruler and made this even sloppier drawing. 
Ha, but so ok, 4 real yo, thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate it, and hopefully $ometime soon we can meet up in da club and pop some bottles, who knows, perhaps even passionate and envious ones, let's not Rule it out.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Comfortably Mag-numb

Hey hot shot, how've you been?

I know, I know, hot shot isn't a very cool thing to call you, but in my defence it's pretty hard to be cool when it's 46 degrees on the old celsius thermometer.

One good way to be cool though is to have ice-cream, and so to distract us both from endlessly going on about the weather here's a photo of my sculpture of a Peppermint Magnum.
It's acrylic on ceramic and wood, 14 x 5 x 3cm, and I made it a couple of years ago.

Here's another photo of the sculpture, taken in front of the beach.
Ha, no just kidding, that photo was just taken in front of my t-shirt. Good one Kenny.

Here's a photo of the sculpture actually taken in front of the beach.
There was an article in the Epicure section of the Herald Sun about a week ago with the statistic that apparently every year over 100 million Magnum ice-cream's are eaten in Australia.

I was thinking about that this afternoon and I decided that this is a statistic I'm going to be a part of. 

So often in life I get excluded from all the important things that matter, but not this time, no sir-ee, not this statistic.

So I went to the milk bar and I bought a Peppermint Magnum... Actually I went to two milk bars, the first milk bar I went to, my very favourite milk bar, they closed today due to some family reason.
But so I went to a different milk bar and I bought a Peppermint Magnum, I ate it, it was delicious, and I'd now like to put it on record that I'm officially a part of the statistic of 100 million magnums having been eaten in Australia in 2014. 
Here I am in the milk bar trying my hardest to be cool.
So yeah, splash out and have a Magnum yourself sometime this week if you can, it's pretty darn yummy to be a part of the statistic. 

And sure, some cone head might waffle on about how 100 million Magnum's a year doesn't reflect well on the health of our country, and of course that cone head would be absolutely right, but at the same time there's a lot worse things Australians could be buying 100 million of every year.

Actual magnums, for example, imagine if we bought 100 million of them a year, now that would be bad for our health.
21 x 29cm, acrylic and pencil on A4 225gsm paper, 2014.

Ha, but ok, enough about ice-cream and guns, to finish off this blog post here's a drawing of by far the coolest Magnum of all time; Tom Selleck, staring as Thomas Magnum in the great 1980's American T.V series Magnum, P.I.
21 x 29cm, acrylic on A4 225gsm paper, 2014.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time, eat an ice-cream, buy a hundred million guns, watch Tom Selleck, whatever Magnum it takes to keep cool while you hang ten on this heat wave and remain the hot shot that you are.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Merry Swiftmas and a Happy Jewel Year

Hey, great to see you, it's January 4th so you're probably sick of hearing people say "Happy New Year!" by now aren't you?

Once more couldn't hurt though right?

Happy new year!

I kind of had to say it as it's pretty much the only reason I'm writing this blog post.

While we're talking though, I tore a ligament in my wrist a few months ago and so I went to the doctor today to make sure everything's healing as it should, anyway in the waiting room they had an old newspaper and from it I made this drawing of Taylor Swift.
I have this theory about Taylor Swift that she's kind of like the new Jewel. You know, they're both all American sweethearts, they've got similar looks and kind of have similar songs, just compare Jewel's You were meant for me with Swift's You belong to me.

Jewel me once, shame on you, Jewel me twice...

Ha, well, I don't know, maybe I've thought about this too much. Or actually maybe I haven't thought this through very much at all, for starters can I really say that Jewel is an all American Sweetheart, she's Canadian. Anyway both musicians are obviously really good at what they do and I always sing very loudly when either of their songs come on the radio.

I should probably also point out that I didn't draw Taylor Swift because I think she might be Jewel 2.0, really I just decided to draw her because I thought it was funny for the newspaper to print a photo of her from that angle.
Acrylic on A4 225gsm paper.

The other thing I really like about Taylor Swift is....wait a second, what the heck? A drawing of Kanye West? What's he doing on here?
Yo that's a nice drawing of Taylor, I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish, but this drawing of Beyonce is one of the best drawings from a newspaper of all time, OF ALL TIME!!!
Ha, yikes, sorry about that, I don't know what the Kanye drawing is talking about, clearly the Taylor drawing is much, much better than the Beyonce drawing. 

But so ok, I hope you're having a really great Christmas break and thanks heaps for reading. See you soon, and in the meantime I'm off to go play some guitar myself.