Sunday, September 29, 2019

You Readings me like an open book

Hi, if you’re around Lygon Street today have a look in the Carlton Readings bookstore front window! To help celebrate Readings 50th birthday I’m thrilled and honoured to be displaying 50 of my ceramic book sculptures.

ope you get a chance to see it, and just this once, please feel free to judge these books by their covers!

As well as the book sculptures, also included in the display are ceramic tributes to the neighbouring community of shops- a pizza box from Tiamo's, a one scoop cup of choc-chip coconut ice-cream with Nutella from Pidapipos, a flat white from Brunetti's and a movie schedule from Nova cinema.

And also this ceramic sculpture of a Readings paper bag, featuring an illustration by Oslo Davis. 

Thanks so much for all the kind messages from everyone who's seen it so far, it's been a bit overwhelming and I'm feeling very beside my shelf!

It's up until 11pm today so still plenty of time to catch it up if your weekend isn't too booked up!

In other exciting news, from 2-4pm today I'm hosting Drop-By Drawing at the National Gallery of Victoria. So please drop by if you feel like drawing! 

All ages and skill levels are welcome, all materials provided, and it's free! 
For more info please click here!

Hopefully see you soon! In the meantime thanks so much for reading, and thanks so much for Readings!

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Smurf's up!

Hi, here's a ceramic sculpture I made of a toothbrush called 'Old Mate'.
You can brush up alongside this piece and nine other works of mine at this weekends Fairfield Primary School 'Art For All' fundraiser exhibition.

Fairfield Primary School is located at 5 Langridge Street in Fairfield. 
The event begins 6pm tomorrow (Friday) night and runs until 3pm Sunday.  I'm thrilled to have been invited to exhibit as a feature artist at this event, and here's your invitation to come along! This invite features some wonderful drawings by the great artist Mirka Mora who originally opened this annual event back in 2005.
In other news, just wanted to say that I loved being a part of Open House Melbourne a few weekends ago, it was so much fun reuniting with my drawings and sculptures in the Town Hall collection and sharing them with so many awesome people.
Over the weekend I gave an artist talk to a total of 517 people which is pretty amazing, thanks so much if you were able to come!

And in more exciting news, pencil a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria into your diary for Sunday September 29 as I'm very excited to be hosting a Drop-By Drawing workshop there from 2-4pm. It's free and fun for all ages and skill levels, come along!

Here's a photo from the last time I made a drawing at the NGV.

And lastly I just wanted to finish up by saying Happy Fathers Day for last Sunday to all the Dad identifying people out there! 

Speaking of Papa's, here's a new ceramic sculpture I made of a Papa Smurf Pez Dadspensor.