Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mistakes were made

Hey, so you know about "Throwback Thursday" yeah? It's a thing people say when they put something from a while ago onto social media. Often it's a photo of them as a kid, and then I think the point of it is for everyone who sees the photo to comment on it saying how adorable the person was.

I've never done a #ThrowbackThursday, (or #tbt), but just so you get an idea of what it might look like, here's a photo of me washing the dishes, taken a couple of months before I turned two years old.
Now compare that with a photo taken today of me at 26 unloading a dishwasher, and it's pretty clear I'm a lot less cute now. That's why #ThrowbackThursday is so effective.
The reason I bring it up is because a few days ago I was included in a kind of #ThrowbackThursday, well nobody actually labelled it as "Throwback Thursday", but I'm pretty sure the only reason for that is because it was on a Tuesday. 

So yeah, last Tuesday the legend Jon Campbell posted a photo of the big novelty cheque painting that my buddy Dan and I made for him back in 2012. 

Ch-ch-ch-ch-cheque it out.
(For more context on the cheque painting I wrote a thing all about it back on November 1st, 2012, so #ThrowbackSaturday, click here if you'd like to read it.)
Anyway the reason I bring it up is because I really enjoyed being a part of a #ThrowbackThursday, so much so that I thought for todays blog post I might try and come up with something vaguely similar; it's called "#DraftblogSaturday". 

So basically #dbs is a blog post within a blog post, and what you're about to read is a post that's been saved in my draft folder since the end of 2012. It was never good enough to post at the time I wrote it but I'm going to post it now, that's how #DraftblogSaturday works.

And so without further adu, here's one from the vault, it's called "I made a Mistake", and it goes a little something like this;

I made a mistake
Every single day I spend my time making mistakes and being upset about it, this week however I made a mistake that doesn't seem to eat at me the way the others do.
It's acrylic on kiln fired ceramic, and is 21.5cm x 3cm x 3cm. 
The chocolate bar it's based on is called a Flake, but I've changed the text on the sculpture to Mistake.. Ha, I'm sure you already know that but I figure I should say it anyway just in case you don't have Flake's where you live. 
If you don't know what a Flake is they're essentially the same thing as a Twirl chocolate bar, except without the outer layer of chocolate coating. I guess though if you don't know what a Flake is you probably don't know what a Twirl is either.
Anyway I also changed the wrapper tagline to THE CRUMBLIEST HIT YOU WON'T LAST A DAY WITHOUT and changed the logo from Cadbury to Sadbury. I think we can all agree that satire doesn't get much more biting than that.
Here's a study I did of it before I made the sculpture. It's acrylic on 21 x 29cm 225 gsm paper.
And here's a couple of photos from earlier today when I took the Mistake to the supermarket.
The woman at the register was so great, she picked up the Mistake sculpture and we had a little conversation about mistakes. When I told her how I'm always pulling at my hair over my mistakes she told me she has a poster of Jim Morrison with a quote of his saying that says "Some of the greatest mistakes I ever made were haircuts".
It was particularly apt as I'd already planned for my pal Cherie to give me a haircut that afternoon. The haircut was no mistake, although what was a mistake was having the haircut while sitting in a tiny chair that I'd found in hard rubbish. I leaned back on the chair and it broke.
And she tied you to her kitchen chair, and she took your thrown and she cut your hair, and from your lips she drew the mistake-elujah.
This blog post is ridiculous, and probably another mistake, maybe I should've just shown a photo of the Mistake sculpture and left it at that.

Ha, and so that's where it ended. I probably should've posted it at the time, I've posted up a lot worse blog posts than that one. Anyway thanks for indulging me in the first ever #DraftblogSaturday. 

Before I wrap this up though I've got another Throwback to mention; do you remember me telling you how I put Rudolph's red nose onto the front of my car last December?
Well I still haven't taken the nose off, in fact here I am right now writing this blog post out in the cold while sitting next to it.
Usually I feel a bit silly with the red nose on the car, but yesterday I didn't because yesterday was Red Nose Day.

But Red Nose Day is one thing, it turns out that yesterday was also Red Walls Day, as around about lunch time I went to go see the new show on at West Space and while walking past the Starbucks on Bourke Street I spotted a wall that was straight out of a horror movie.
It was pretty shocking and terrible but nobody around seemed to have noticed, it's only because I happened to be looking in the window that I spotted it. I guess if you'd wanted coffee you'd have found out though because the store was police taped off, and inside was police, paramedics, and security.
Pretty scary yeah? How do you even get blood to splatter like that? I asked one security guards what'd happened, he said he didn't know, but I guess he has to say that.
The blood looked thin, the same kind of hue and consistency as the blood I saw from that guy who cracked his skull open at Flinders Street Station. (Another #ThrowbackThursday, here's where I wrote about that).
Pretty soon a real life true detective turned up, unfortunately it wasn't Matthew McConaughey, it wasn't even Ice-T from Law And Order, but even still, he looked just like a detective from TV.
Ice-T might not have been there but I did spot one wrapper, which made me a bit sad to see that my beloved Subway had somehow been roped into all this mess.
I couldn't stick around too long, and so I left with no answers. I've since tried to Google it and found no results, if you've heard anything let me know as I'd love to hear what went down. 

One thing I did spot as I turned the corner from Bourke Street onto Swanston was a handcuffed man standing next a canvas Tote bag that was also splattered with blood. So I don't know, if I was a true detective I'd probably start my investigation by speaking with him.
Earlier tonight I made my way back to the crime scene just to see if all the evidence of the day before was well and truly gone. It was, of course, and I ordered myself a Grande cup of chai latte.

And so yeah, I made a mistake using ceramics, Jim Morrison made his mistakes at the hairdressers and I don't know how, but I guess that handcuffed guy had most likely made some kind of mistake as well. 

Anyway here's a photo of me leaning on the wall that yesterday was covered in blood, feeling like I'm in an Edward Hopper painting and dunking a Flake bar in my chai. Ain't life Grande.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

In Godfather we trust

Mama mia, there's only one day left of my show in Rome, so if you happen to be in the area then please scoot your vespa down to Galleria 291.EST. 

Click here for all the details about the exhibition.

I'll put up all the documentation of the show soon but in the meantime here's one of my sculptures in the show, it's of The Godfather, which is probably the book that made me the hardened mobster I am today.
(The Godfather, acrylic on ceramic, 17.5 x 11 x 4.5cm, 2014)

I hand sculpted the piece based on a copy of The Godfather that my Mum gave me, I think for my 19th birthday. Not long after I got the book I remember literally staying up all night reading it, (why would anyone want to go to sleep when they could read about people sleeping with the fishes?)

Anyway it's possible this sculpture might find a home in Italy and not come back to Australia, (if the person interested makes me an offer I can't refuse), and so yeah, if you'd like to see the work maybe you could fly to Italy this weekend?

But alas, (or should I say, 'but atlas'), if instead of the summertime in Italy you're spending this weekend in rainy town Melbourne then there's another show for you, as today is also the last day to see my work in the West Space fundraiser. 

Here's a photo of my new piece on West Space's instagram, ha, and as you can see it's getting infinitely more 'likes' than anything I've ever posted on my instagram.
As well as digital 'likes', here's a photo of two people at the opening who are hopefully "liking" the work in analogue real life, (or perhaps what's equally as possible is they're just standing in front of my work and talking about something completely unrelated in their life that they like).
And here's me and my buddy Dan in front of the piece, doing what we do every night, which is try to make our mouths into rainbows.
It was only after the photo that I realised Dan was using his middle fingers.

Ha, but yeah, West Space is the best and it was a great night and I was over the moon, (or 'over the rainbow'), to see that someone bought my work. Apparently it sold real quick and I was even very flatteringly told that it was hung up the back so that people had to get to it the way that supermarkets put milk in the back of the store. I know that's definitely just a lie I was told but even still, being compared to milk was really mooving. You know, mooving... as in moo... as in a cow... as in milk... Is this thing on? (taps microphone*)

Anyway I went back to West Space today and had another look around, there's so much great work. 

One work just near mine is this water-colour slash collage by my past honors supervisor and timeless legend Jon Campbell. It's titled "Underdogs". I started to do a drawing of the text 'underdogs' but only got up to the word 'under' before my marker completely ran out. 
Anyway I took my under drawing home and here it is now, under my dog.
Ha, but ok, there's three more things I planned on mentioning in this blog post but rather than attempt to come up with flimsy ways to weave them together maybe I just won't bother with unnecessary segues.

First up, just for fun, here's a drawing I just did of Fat Tony from The Simspon's reading The Godfather.

You'd hope I'd have better ways to spend my Saturday than drawing Fat Tony, but fat chance of that I guess.
The second extremely interesting and unrelated thing is that at the West Space opening I asked my pal Heather "What've you been up to?" and she told me how she'd just been taking photos for Joel and Benji Madden. That's definitely worth mentioning here yeah? Lifestyles of the rich and the famous. So here's the proof of that.
And finally, to end this post, here's a little video of me in Florence, having a bit of fun in a fountain out the front of the Palazzo Pitti. It's filmed wonderfully by the wonderful Melbourne artist Georgina Lee, ha, although I should probably point out that I thought I was posing for a photograph and didn't realise it was a video. 
Ok, I think that's all for today, thanks so much for reading, I hope you're having a great day, and yeah if you can get to Galleria 291, or West Space, or my show at Substation is still on as well, any of those would be awesome. Otherwise maybe stay home and read the Godfather, or watch The Simpsons, or heck, why not listen to Good Charlotte, and if all else fails, just find a dog to be under.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lag to the future

Hey, how've you been? I figure it's about time I write a new blog post but I should point out I'm super sleepy so this might not be the best. I always thought jet lag was made up, but it turns out it's actually a thing.

Jet lag just means my mind's all foggy from my dumb old circadian rhythm being a bit out of time. Jet lag's fine and all, but I'd much prefer to have Jetsons lag, which is pretty much the same thing as jet lag with the only difference being that instead of your body adjusting to a new time zone you're just really tired from staying up all night watching The Jetsons.

In light of this, here's a drawing I just did of George Jetson.
And here's a drawing I did of George Jet-lag-son, (drawn on a jet while watching the movie Her).
One thing that's kind of nice about my body still being on Italy time is that it's been really easy to watch the soccer, (in Italy soccer is actually on at a normal hour). Currently in the front room of West Space gallery is a work by Melbourne artist (and once upon a time tutor of mine) Tully Moore which consists of live screening all the games of the World Cup, and so that's where I've been the last two mornings.

Here's a photo from West Space yesterday morning of me and Tully, eating raspberry jam toast and watching Brazil beat Croatia 3-1 at 6am.
And here I am this morning at West Space watching Australia lose 3-1 to Chile. That's my old honours supervisor, the great Jon Campbell, whose head is blocking the screen.
Here's a photo from after that game of me and Beatriz, who was the only person at West Space that was happy with the result of the game as she was the only person there from Chile, (I was a bit Chile myself but that's only because it was a very cold morning).
These are the first two games of soccer that I've ever watched, I didn't expect to enjoy them as much as I did but it's pretty easy to get caught up in it. Even still though I much prefer playing it, and it just so happens that very briefly I did at 3pm today in a big game in Newport between West Space Gallery and Substation Gallery.

My tiredness didn't stop me from being a pro for the two minutes that I was on the field but it did make me not think to take any photos of the game, and even though I'm sure some photos will surface soon in the meantime here's a sloppy drawing I just did of me wearing the Substation team colours; black shorts, a black tshirt and an orange headband.
(That's meant to be my dearest artist teammate Lisa Radford who I've drawn standing next to me. Obviously.)

Ha, anyway so I got back from Rome at 5am on Thursday morning, from there I went straight to Substation and installed my new work, and then at 6pm that night was the opening.

I'm looking forward to writing a little about the Substation show next time but for now go check it out if you can, it's on until July 6. (Substation is at 1 Market Street in Newport.)

Also, just because I played soccer for team Substation doesn't mean I'm not also team West Space, and from 6pm this Tuesday night come along and potentially buy a new work by me at the opening of the West Space fundraiser. Click here for all the details and a list of all the amazing artists involved.

And of course, as well as the current Substation show and the West Space fundraiser, if you happen to be in Italy remember that until June 20 you can still go see my work at Galleria 291 in Rome.

Amazingly the show at Galleria 291, (a two person exhibition featuring new bodies of work by myself and Melbourne artist Georgina Lee), was just written about in the Italian publication Face Magazine as one of the "Not To Be Missed Exhibitions in Italy this Summer", right inbetween a Frida Kahlo exhibition and an Andy Warhol show. So cool! Grazia Face Magazine. Click here if you wanna read that, (although remember it's in Italian).

But yeah, there's plenty of stuff going on, and now that I have the internet again there's lots of stories to fill you in on, but it's been so good to get away for a bit and for tonight I just wanted to make a couple of pointless drawings and write you this rambly little hello.

And so yeah, I'll wrap this up now by taking a selfie of me pretending to do what I'd like to do which is put my head on the table and fall asleep, and after that I'll get up and make my way home via the hour long train ride. Thanks heaps for reading, hopefully see you on Tuesday night at West Space, oh and yeah, let me know if you happen to have a DVD of The Jetsons you can lend me.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Italian Master-feasts

Mama mia, did you hear the good news?! The National Gallery of Victoria just opened up an exhibition of Italian Masterpieces.

Here’s a photo taken as I was standing right in front of the gallery right before I saw the show. 
Well, I was about to see the show at least. That guy sitting there topless seemed like he knew how to live, soaking up the rays, and so I took off my top as well and worked a bit on my golden tan.

I remained distracted and doing that for hours until eventually I got hungry and realised it was after five o’clock and the NGV was closed!
After that I was itching to see the Italian masterpieces now and couldn’t bare the thought of having to wait around all night for the gallery to open again, so obviously I went to the International Airport and bought a ticket to Italy. 

Before the flight, to cure my grumbling tummy, I sat with my Mum and Dad and ate an Italian BMT footlong sub on Italian Herb and cheese bread.
Anyway 22 hours later I'm in Italy eating another Subway Italian BMT, except over here they're just called BMT. (Actually no, unfortunately even in Italy they're still called Italian BMT's.)
Ha, anyway, my point is I'm in Rome. I have so much to say about Italy but I don't really have time just now, but maybe I'll talk for a second about the Italian Subway, which is amazing. The bread is so fresh, and the salami is real salami, they slice it right infront you, the pastrami is the same and the ham, well yeah, that's the same as well.
Plus they also offer corn as a salad. I tried it, it was great. They don't offer mozzarella cheese on the subs here which I thought was pretty strange, but alternatively they do offer cream cheese. 
On a side note, everyone knows that a BLT stands for bacon, lettuce, tomato, but did you know that the BMT stands for biggest, meatiest, tastiest? So there you go, there's a fun fact, or should I say, a yum fact. (Ha, great writing.)
I should probably point out I've also been eating a lot of other food too but for now I just wanted to invite you to a two person exhibition I'm in with another Melbourne artist Georgina Lee, that opens tonight, at Galleria 291, at Vialle Dello Scalo San Lorenzo in Rome. 

If you happen to be in Rome, roam over to the gallery for a drink and a panini!
The show runs from tonight, (May 31), until June 20, and yeah, for more information click on this sentence to see a blog post by Italian writer Naima Morreli, who curated the exhibition.

But ok, I'd better go sort out dinner, I won't get Subway but I will try and find something that's BMT. Thanks heaps for reading, I'm not here very long but if you've got tips about Italy please send me an email!, Looking forward to catching up with you when I get back, ciao!