Thursday, August 31, 2017


Whenever I see a pro athlete I admire I always seem to turn back into a 6 year old dorky fan. (Well, whenever I see someone who's a pro at anything really!)

Here's a photo from February when I very excitedly got to meet the great bulldogs captain Bob Murphy, who just this weekend played his last game of AFL football. 
Bob Murphy is a pretty special footballer for a lot of reasons, not least of which being the insightful, romantic and funny column he regularly wrote for The Age newspaper during his career, often reflecting on the game of football he'd played just a couple of days earlier.

These pieces were later compiled into a book called "Murphy's Lore", which as a little tribute I made a ceramic replica of, and then amazingly Bob was kind enough to autograph.

My sculpture of the bulldogs book is included amongst other new dog themed work in the exhibition Every Dog Has It's Day, on now until September 17 at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. So if you're in Sydney then please go sniff it out dog gone it!
(Quick drawing done while watching Collingwood defeat the Bulldogs in the AFL Womens League.)

Also, another thing on if you're in Sydney, I have a painting in the upcoming Firstdraft fundraiser auction that's on tomorrow night, (Friday September 1st), from 6-9pm!
To save me from having to write out the names of all the other artists who have donated work to the fundraiser, here's a flyer with the full list;

Firstdraft is a fantastic artist run gallery in Sydney and all the money raised from this fundraiser goes towards keeping the gallery rent free for all next years exhibiting artists. 

My piece you can bid on is this acrylic on canvas painting, titled 'Chinspiration'.
Chinspiration. Acrylic on canvas. 30 x 40cm. 2017

So yeah, thanks heaps for reading, and if you're chin Sydney tomorrow then you are very much chinvited to come bid on an artwork and at the same time help out a great gallery, it's a chin-chin situation!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

You ant seen nothing yet

Hey, I've got a couple of little things, (a ceramic sculpture and a book of my drawings), featured in an exhibition called "Self-Made: Zines and Artist Books", curated by Monica Syrette, that's open now until November 12 at the State Library of Victoria

So if ever you find yourself checking out books from the library in the next couple of months please also check out this show!
In more super exciting news, my ceramic sculpture "Ken Donut" has been selected as a finalist in the 2017 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize!
"Ken Donut" is the latest in a series that pays tribute to some of the contemporary Australian artists I admire, sprinkled with playfulnesss and iced so thick with love you’ll have to brush your teeth after looking at it. 

The 2017 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize is held at the Woollahra Council Chambers in Sydney and opens on October 13th. In the meantime though I've got work in three group exhibitions that are on right now-
The group show I'm in at Lamington Drive in Collingwood, (curated by Jane Sawyer and Shena Jamieson), is still on until August 19.  
The group show I'm in at True Estate in Brunswick, (curated by Beau Emmett and Elvis Richardson) is still on until September 4.  
And if you're in Sydney, the group show I'm in at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, (curated by Sophia Cai and Kathleen Linn), is still on until September 17.
I think they're all really special and unique group shows so hopefully you get a chance to see some of them if you haven't already, but either way thanks heaps for reading, hope you have a nice weekend and to finish up this blog, here's five drawings from the last couple of weeks...

"Sometimes a little hug can be a big ant-idote"

"Here's a drawing I did of the movie poster for Antz, except I very cleverly drew the characters wearing pants and added a P to the title."

"Huge congrats to Mitch Cairns for his beautiful Archibald prize winning painting. And just for fun, here's a portrait I just did of John Olsen"

'Mirage Equality"

If you're in Australia please make sure that your electoral address is up to date. As someone who's moved homes in the last 12 months I just did it myself and it seriously only takes a couple of minutes. The fact we don't have marriage equality in Australia is cruel and embarrassing to say the least, and even though the proposed plebiscite also seems cruel and embarrassing, voting yes could hopefully help make a difference. So yeah, click here for the link if you need to update your electoral postal details.

"Maybe if I stare at the door long enough someone will open it."