Thursday, May 17, 2018

The ball's in your Court...ney Barnett

Hey, last Friday the incredible painter and wonderful person Yvette Coppersmith was awarded this years Archibald prize. 

Here's a quick portrait I did of Yvette Coppersmith, standing in front of her amazing portrait of Yvette Coppersmith. Congrats Yvette Coppersmith!!

Looking at all the other great Archibald finalists I was excited to see one of my fave singer-songwriters is also in there as a subject; Courtney Barnett, painted by Melbourne artist Melisa Grisancich. Here's a little drawing I did of Grisancich's painting.

And speaking of Courtney Barnett; she has a new album coming out tomorrow! Which "coincidentally" is also my birthday!

It's so cool even though I've never met Courtney Barnett and she has no idea I even exist that she still somehow definitely remembered my birthday and decided to give me this special b-day prezzie! 

And sure it's a little annoying that her record company must've forced Courtney to share the album that she made just for me with the rest of the world as well, but hey I guess that's just show biz. 

So thanks heaps for the birthday album Courtney!! And here I was thinking that nothing could top the birthday email that Subway sent me.

You can pre-order the new Courtney Barnett album by clicking here. Or you can do what I'm gonna do and just wait till it comes out tomorrow and get it using the JB gift voucher your brother gave you for Christmas.

Here's a little painting on board that I did of the voucher I will be trading tomorrow for the album.

Ha, anyway I don't really have any reason to be plugging the new Courtney Barnett album aside from the fact that I'm really excited to hear it! 

But another thing I'm perhaps even more excited to plug is the exhibition Monuments To The Everyday, featuring Carly Fisher, Nathan Taylor and myself, which opened this weekend at Realm Artspace in Ringwood. 

A huge thanks to everyone who braved the cold for the opening but if you weren't able to see it there's still plenty of time as it's running until July 15!

Here's the cover of the exhibition catalogue, which is available for free at the show, featuring an essay by Melbourne based writer (currently in Germany) Jane O'Neil.
But so yeah, I'm turning 30 tomorrow and in the meantime I'm clinging to the last moments of today by doing lots of online surveys while I still get to tick the box of falling into the very cool demographic of being in my twenties...

Ha, but so if unlike Courtney Barnett and Subway you've somehow forgotten to get me a bday pres then please remember I still collect abandoned shopping lists!

Quick side note on that; Coming into the rainy season you have to be very careful picking up lists due to the fact they tear so easily when they're wet, so if picking up lists outside be sure to use all those skills you acquired when you were a kid playing the game Operation.

Here's a particularly fragile list I recently rescued from a puddle.
And here it is the next day, all nice and dried out.
But so yeah, if you have an old list lying around I would love it if you could please send it my way at P.O. Box 5039, Moreland West. Victoria. 3055. 

Perhaps you could just make a list that says "Send kenny this piece of paper", and then when you get to the post box you'll be able to tick it off the list.

Ha, but ok thanks so much for reading, I hope you're really well, and the last thing I wanna mention is that in addition to the show I'm in at Realm Artspace I've also been painting a mural on the outside of the gallery, next to Ringwood library, so if you get a chance to see the show please don't forget to check the mural out as well!

And in the meantime here's a sneak of how it's coming along.
(The mural's not even complete yet but already it's proving to be a bit of a photo hotspot.)
Much like the above pic I also took my photo with Gromit, but rather than drink a smoothie in front of him I found that he likes it best when you scratch under his chin. 
And tomorrow at the mural I'll be sure to bring along my discman and my new CD and then Gromit and I can each share an ear of my headphones. 
A fun fact about Gromit is he's nearly thirty too! 

And so as the two of us listen to Courtney sing Need A Little Time we'll be sure to think about everything that's lead us to this point, taking a little time out and enjoying our free six inch sub.

Friday, May 04, 2018

The Empire Strikes Cat

Happy May the Fourth!

Here's a new ceramic sculpture of Princess Leia, photographed as she was just about to quickly turn around, fire her pistol and blast Jabba the Cat out into space.

Speaking of space, I'm in an upcoming three person exhibition at Realm Art space in Ringwood, Victoria. 

The show's called Monuments to the Everyday and is curated by the astronomically amazing Emily Jones. 

The two shining art stars I'm excited to be exhibiting alongside are Melbourne based sculptor Carly Fischer and Tasmanian based painter Nathan Taylor. Here's one of his paintings on the flyer, as seen here in the current issue of Art Guide Australia.

The exhibition's on from May 10th until July 15th so hopefully you donut miss out on seeing it! 

The opening's from 2-4pm on Saturday May 12th and will be officially opened by the Mayor of Maroondah CR Lora Lamont, followed by guest speaker Kieran Robinson. Very fancy. So please scribble it into your diary, punch the co-ordinates into your spaceship and come along if you can!

Hopefully cat-ch you there and in the meantime here's another photo that was taken a long time ago in a galaxy fur, fur away. 
May the paws be with you.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Until the wheels fall off

Ello! Ear's a new drawing of the three musket-ears.
A very eery drawing, but not a very ear-y drawing.
21 x 29.5cm. Acrylic on 225gsm paper. 2018
But ear-ny way, the real reason I'm writing is to say a huge thank you to ear-veryone who's been out to see my new solo show on at Bunjil Place in Narre Warren!!

I'm really proud of the show, I feel like it's probably the best show I've done, and if you haven't had a chance to see it yet hopefully you still might as it's still on for one more week until April 29. 

Here's a little video of me talking about some of the work in the exhibition, and so yeah, please put it on your to-do list if you can!
I'd also like to thank everyone whose been to see my work in the current group exhibition Suburbia, curated by Megan Monte and Josephine Skinner, which is also on for more week until April 29 at Cement Fondu in Sydney.

Here's a photo of one of my new ceramic works in the show.
In addition to the gallery, Cement Fondu also have an art store, featuring a fresh new batch of my hand sculpted, kiln fired (not fried) ceramic Friendchips. Get 'em while they're hot! 
(Photo by Josephine Skinner)

Next I wanna say a big thanks to everyone who visited me during my recent week long drawing residency, curated by James Lynch, at the Deakin University art gallery in Burwood.

As well as producing fifty new drawings, during the week I also taught six drawing classes to the first and second year art sudents. Here's a nice photo from one of them.
(Photo by James Lynch)
Here's a drawing of mine in the most recent issue of Art Guide Australia, promoting the Deakin drawing residency.

And speaking of Art Guide Australia, I was recently interviewed by Melbourne based writer Tiarney Miekus for the Art Guide Australia podcast. 

I'd never been on a podcast before and I'm way too scared of my own voice to listen back to it, but I did get a message this morning from someone saying they enjoyed it so hopefully you might too! Click here to listen.

And in other toe tappingly fun news, a work I did in 2014 titled Stepping Up, (Acrylic on Alanna's foot), can be found in the most recent issue of un magazine, used to illustrate a nice little writing piece by Carrie Miller and Andrew Frost about whether it's ok to laugh at art that's unintentionally funny.
exciting things are a foot

And so yeah, the last thing I wanted to mention is that earlier today I walked past a House shop and saw they were having a massive mid season sale- Get in quick, apparently there's only 543,210 days to go!
And so if you think that five hundred and forty-three thousand, two hundred and seventy days is not many, then please remember that there's only seven days left to see my shows on at Bunjil Place and Cement Fondu! 

I'd wheely love for you to see them, I worked wheely hard on them and I wheely think you'd like them. But anyway thanks heaps for reading, I wheely, wheely appreciate it, and to finish up here's a new ceramic sculpture I made of a shopping trolley wheel.

Friday, March 09, 2018

Everybody needs good Neighbours

Attention Hollywood, in an attempt to pursue my lifelong dream of being an extra on Neighbours I've done something a little scary and officially joined up with an extras agency. 

Ideally I would like to be in a scene with either Dr. Karl or Toadie...
Also, in city planning news, here's my pitch for a new Melbourne train network, painted in the arcade below Flinders Street Station.
Big thanks to curator Brigid Hansen for inviting me to do it. It's been up for a month and is staying there for just a couple of days more, so please check it out next time your train's delayed.

Here's a shot of me standing in front of the city loop de loop while doing a loop de loop on my yo-yo.
And also, I have a few more bits of equally exciting art news!..

If you're in Victoria, I have a new solo show that opens today at Bunjil Place gallery in Narre Warren. It's on until April 29, I've worked super hard on it and would Love for you to see it! Please click here for more info.

And if you're in Sydney, I have new work in group show that opens tomorrow 5-8pm at Cement Fondu gallery in Paddington, curated by Megan Monte and Josephine Skinner. Please come say hi!

And then next week, back in Melbourne after a couple of shifts working as a trolley boy, I'm doing a week long drawing residency in the art gallery at Deakin Uni in Burwood, curated by James Lynch.

The project is called The Drawing Room and basically the idea is that over the course of a month four different artists, (and in one case an artist duo), come spend a week within the gallery space, responding directly to the university campus and the works within Deakin's art collection. Click here for more info. 

And if you happen to be around the Deakin campus next week be sure to skip class and come draw with me!
And so yeah, thanks heaps for reading and hopefully see you soon, either in an art gallery or as a 1 second background blur on your TV at 6.30pm weeknights.

Friday, January 19, 2018

It's a long subway to the top if you wanna veggie roll

Hey, happy 2018!! So far my highlight is seeing Superman eating Subway.

It's nice to know that he won't be out fighting baddies on an empty stomach, especially since tryna find a good place to eat can be a real kryptonitemare.

In other super news, here's 16 new little ceramic sculptures I was commissioned to make for the Melbourne Town Hall collection. 

There's 5 pineapples, 3 Sherbies, a Sherbet Bomb, a Flake, a Picnic, Cherry Ripe, Turkish Delight, a curly wurly, a killer python and last but not least; lollie teeth, (to replace your real teeth after you've eaten all this).

Also, here's another ceramic sculpture I made of a killer python, this one's eating its own tail, pictured next to Sensei the cat, who is also eating her own tail.

In more super news, please click here to read a nice little interview I did about my ceramic book sculptures with the amazing people at Australian Book Designers Association!

And speaking of my ceramic book sculptures, here's a new one that I'm super happy about; Textbook Romance by Zoë Foster Blake and Hamish Blake! 

(Pictured here with the real book chillin in the background.)

I actually made this sculpture way back in April last year, when I brought it along to a pretty amazing event where Hamish and Andy did their entire two hour radio show while crowd surfing. 

My buddy Chris and I went along to form part of the crowd that they surfed on, and after the show Hamish and Andy were really rad and stuck around to get a picture with everyone. 

And so that was really cool, and then seven months later Zoë Foster Blake has a brilliant new kids book out called No-one Likes A Fart, and so I brought the sculpture along to the book launch in the hopes of getting it autographed, and hey presto! (Or more accurately; Yay presto!)

Like everyone who enjoys smiling, I'm a massive fan of both Zoë and Hamish, and they actually segue into the next thing I wanted to mention which is this new little canvas I painted for the c3 Artspace fundraiser exhibition.The painting has now sold and gone to a good home, with the money raised helping keep the power on in a great gallery.

And lastly, in other news, I'm hosting a book making workshop for kids aged 5-10 at the Abbotsford Convent this upcoming Monday January 22. The workshops are put on by the fantastic non-profit organisation Kids Own Publishing, and my workshops specifically are all about the four P's- Pop art, pop corn, paddle pops and pop up books. Should be heaps of fun, hopefully see you there!

In the meantime though thanks heaps for reading, hope you have a super weekend, and to finish up here's a quick drawing of todays lunch, which was delightful.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sunny loving, happened so fast

Hi, here's some new ceramic sculptures of everyone's favourite icy treat that they actually stopped making last year but you can still find in some milk bars; the Sunny-boy.
I photographed the ceramic Sunny-boys here in sunny St. Kilda, on top of my wooden esky sculpture, with a couple of real life sunny boys going for a run in the background.  

And here I am away from the beach, with four of the Sunny-boys hanging on my studio wall.
Amazingly, I was commissioned to make these Sunny-boy sculptures for the great Peter Oxley, AKA the bass player in the awesome Australian band the Sunnyboys!!!

And so yeah, super exciting, here's a photo of Peter alongside his brother and Sunnyboys bandmate Jeremy. I'm told this photo was taken in Newtown in Sydney in 1980, (apparently back then Sunny-boys were only 20 cents!), and best of all the photo shows Peter holding an actual Sunny-boy.

And now, here's Pete just last week, holding my Sunny-boy sculpture.
It's so cool to be able to compare the two images of Peter and the Sunny-boy, separated in time by almost four decades!

A huge thank you to Pete's partner, Heidi Jackson, for organising this commission. Heidi is also a stellar artist herself, and I'm super thrilled to have a fantastic little painting of hers hanging in my bedroom. 

Here's a photo I took of Heidi's painting while standing in the middle of the road.
And you can (and should!) check out more of Heidi's paintings by clicking here.

As well as Heidi, I also wanna say a big thanks to Peter for his support, and also a big thanks to Melbourne filmmaker Emmy Clifton for helping me document the Sunny-boy sculptures.

Lastly of course a big thanks to the band the Sunnyboys for all their music. And in exciting news, the Sunnyboys will be performing live this February 2nd at the Melbourne Zoo as part of the concert series of Music Against Wildlife Extinction. For more info on that click here.

So yeah, looking forward to the zoo next year, and in the meantime if you're desperate for a Sunny-boy fix then you're in luck because earlier today I spotted this Razz Rasberry flavoured six pack, all yours for just $2.99, still currently available in the PAST DATED section at the Foodworks in Flemington.

Oh boy, oh boy. Thanks heaps for reading, I hope you're having a particularly sunny day, and to finish up here's one of my very favourite Sunnyboys songs. It's called Happy Man, it's from 1981 and if possible my hot tip is that it's best played at full volume while driving to the beach. Or the zoo. Or Flemington Foodworks.