Thursday, July 28, 2016

Doing things by the book

Hey, I don't wanna boast but here's a new ceramic sculpture I just finished.
In other boastful news, I'm super excited to have found out that I'm a finalist in the upcoming R & M McGivern Painting Prize, held at Artspace in Realm, opening on September 16.

Here's a list of the fantastic artists I'll be exhibiting alongside;
When it gets closer to the date I'll be sure to invite you to please come along, but in the meantime I thought what might be more fun for today, rather than go on about shows that I'm involved in, will be to mention three other artists who've got exhibitions on at the moment.

First up is Emily Floyd. I really like Emily Floyd, she's funny and warm and a great sculptor. Emily's featured in the current exhibition, Telling Tales, on at the MCA in Sydney. Here's a quick drawing I made of Emily's work in the show, titled It's because I think too much that I do nothing.

And here's Emily Floyd and I at an exhibition she was in earlier in the year at Gertrude Contemporary, where she was kind enough to sign a ceramic sculpture I made of her 2014 book, The Dawn.

Here's my sculpture of Emily Floyd's The Dawn, photographed this morning at dawn.

The next artist I'll mention is Jess Johnson, and no I don't mean Jess Johnson the Cricket Wag...
I'm talking about Jess Johnson my pal, the awesome New Zealand born artist, whose work you might remember from her show at the NGV last year where you got to take a ride inside a fully immersive Oculus Rift headset. 

The show was amazing. Totally amazing. I was totally amazed.
Jess has a show opening tonight at Talbot Rice Gallery, so if you're lucky enough to be in Edinburgh between now and October 8 you should definitely hit it up. 

Here's the flyer;
And here's a selfie with the wonderful Jess as she's signing a ceramic sculpture I made of her book, a few days before she left Australia to go live in New York City.
Also, before Jess signed my sculpture, here's the scrap piece of paper she practised her signature on to make sure she would do a good one :) 
And here's the finished sculpture.

And with no time to keep Patting myself on the back let's move on to the third and final artist, who's a different kind of Pat altogether, the artist Pat Brassington. 

A lot of Pat Brassington's work is really disturbing. 

"How disturbing is it?" I hear you ask.

I would say it's almost as disturbing as the other morning when I walked into the kitchen and discovered that my Mum had made my Dad a coffee using my "Worlds best lover" mug.

The first time I saw Pat Brasington's work was back in 2012 when she had a show at ACCA. Recently I made a ceramic sculpture of Pat Brasington's book from that exhibition and last month, while at Arc One Gallery, Pat was kind enough to sign the sculpture for me. 

And so cool, there's three new ceramic books signed by three awesome and inspiring artists. 
Check out their shows if you can, pretend their work is Pokemon and go catch it in the wild.

Emily Floyd is in the group show Telling Tales, curated by Veronica Kent at the MCA in Sydney. It's on until October 9 and it's free. Click here for details. 

Jess Johnson's show opens tonight at Talbot Gallery in Edinburgh. It's on until October 8 and it's free too. Click here for details.

Pat Brassington is in the CCP 30th anniversary fundraiser in Melbourne. The last day to see the show is this Saturday, (July 30), and it's also free, but obviously it's a fundraiser so all the work is for sale and CCP is a great space so if you feel like buying a work you'd be helping out a great cause. Click here for details. 

Thanks heaps for reading, see you soon, and yeah, I'm just really thrilled with these new ceramic sculptures. But like I said, I'm not really one to boast. I much prefer to Boost.

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