Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A series of thank you's

Hey! I just wanna say a massive thanks to everyone who was able to see my solo show, A series of self poor traits, back in May at Galerie Pompom in Sydney. I know it was over a month ago but I'm really proud of the show and was blown away by the amazing response. 
I was also just blown away by how many people came to the opening. 
Galerie Pompom made a facebook event for the show and apparently 1.3K people clicked "interested", but even still you never know if anyone is gonna turn up.
Speaking of 1.3K, click here to read a nice little press release thing for the show that was written by The Thousands.

And while I'm sharing links, please click here to read a fun little interview I did in the lead up to the show with Sharne Wolff for The Art Life. The interview also answers the question I get asked on a daily basis about whether Brad Pitt and I are identical twins, (spoiler alert; the answer's yes, according to wikipedia).

Thanks so much also to the people who came to my artist talk at Galerie Pompom. Here's a picture I found of it on instagram, ha, and I swear the room was packed out, even though in the photo it looks like I'm just doing the artist talk for one person.
And lastly, not that sales is a particularly interesting thing to talk about or in any way defines the success of the show, but the show did really well, in fact I think even 8 or 9 of the works had sold before lunch time on the day of the opening. And I just feel like it really needs to be said that this kind of support really helps and is really appreciated as it allows me continue to do what I do.

For instance, the first thing I bought with my sale money was a long overdue new phone cover. It's hard to believe that my new cover and my old one were once the same colour.
Anyway that's most of what I wanted to cover in this post but I also just wanna say a massive thank you to everyone who saw my work in another exhibition that finished around the same time; Cornucopia, curated by Anna Briers and held at the Shepparton Art Museum.

I gave an artist talk at this exhibition too and again am really grateful of the turnout. It was also probably the most nervous I've been before an artist talk because my parents came to hear it and they rarely see my work. Here's a photo I got off instagram of my parents and I after the talk, with my Dad holding a sculpture I made of a gold logie and my mum holding a sculpture I made of a cup of tea.
And I'm super excited to announce that my piece featured in the Cornucopia exhibition has been selected as finalist at this years The Churchie prize exhibition held at the QUT Art Museum in Brisbane. 

For more information on the Churchie just click here, and if you happen to be in Queensland please come say hi at the opening on Friday August 19. (Ha, or at the very least please click "attending" on the facebook event.)

In the meantime though thanks heaps for reading, see you soon, and um... well, I'm not quite sure how to sign off on this blog post... Maybe the best way to sign off is with the fine art of sign art, and so yeah, here's a painting I made of a sign which I recently installed on my street. 
A little sign of things to come.

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