Sunday, September 04, 2016

The Good, the Dad and the Mug-ly

Hey, it's Fathers Day, and so I just wanna say a big Happy Fathers Day to my amazing Dad! 

Not that I think my Dad is likely to read that, as I don't think he's ever read this blog, but just in case you are reading this Dad; I love you. You're actually something of a real father figure to me.

However, Fathers Day isn't just about my Dad, it's about all the other amazing fathers too, and so speaking of other amazing fathers, here's a photo of me with Father Bob Maguire. 

I got to meet Father Bob at a street art exhibition I went to earlier this year where he gave the opening speech. 

In the lead up to the show I made a ceramic sculpture of Father Bob's biography, and Father Bob was kind enough to sign it for me.
I first discovered Father Bob through hearing him on the Triple J radio show that he co-hosted for ten years with writer/comedian John Safran. I used to listen to their show every week so it was pretty surreal to actually meet him in person. 

My favourite part was that he kept calling me "comrade", which is how on the radio he would refer to the guests and people who called in.
After Father Bob signed the sculpture he asked me if he should also write an inscription. I said "Sure, I'd love that, how about some words I can live by". 

He thought for a moment, and he wrote;

"No Them and Us- just We"


And so yeah, a huge thanks to Father Bob for signing my new sculpture. And because it's Fathers Day, one more huge thanks to my father for being such an amazing Dad.

Having said that though, I decided today that this Fathers Day my Dad shouldn't be the only one getting presents, so this afternoon I went out and I bought myself a new mug and I got my brother a matching stubby holder.
And so there you have it, here's a photo from tonight of my Dad, my brother and I, gathered together to celebrate my new mug. 

Because, like I always say; No Them and Us- just Tea.
(In other news, I got a haircut.)

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