Thursday, October 15, 2015

Augie Marching to a different beat

Hey pal, if you're free this Friday night you should totally come to the National Gallery of Victoria, Glenn Robbins is gonna be there!
Wait, no, not Glenn Robbins; Glenn Robins is the hilarious comedian/actor best known from the TV show Kath And Kim. What I mean to say is that this Friday night you should totally come to the NGV because Glenn Ridge is gonna be there!Ha, no wait, I got it wrong again, Glenn Ridge was the fantastic host of the old channel nine quiz show; Sale Of The Century. What I really mean to say is that you should totally come to the National of Victoria this Friday night because Glenn Richards is gonna be there!!!
Yes, Glenn Richards, from the iconic Australian band Augie March, will be playing a live set this Friday night under the big stained glass ceiling in the National Gallery of Victoria! 

I'm actually really excited, I love Augie March! And so don't be late, cause he's only gonna be playing music for one crowded hour!
The other reason I'm inviting you to the NGV this Friday night is because I'll be doing the third week of my six week Friday Night NGV residency, which basically means I'll be in the exhibition of Catherine The Great's collection from the Hermitage Museum, from 6-8pm, where I'll be talking about drawing, potentially helping you draw, (potentially learning how to draw from you!), and handing out a free little drawing book I was commissioned to make in response to the show.

So come for the Augie March, the Rembrandts, Rubens and Van Dyck's, and then stay for my free book. 

I'll talk more about the book soon but for now I'd much prefer you just have a look at one, and the only place to get a copy is on a Friday night at the National Gallery of Victoria... ha, or possibly you might find one on a tram, as this very kind stranger tweeted.
How awesome's that?! A big thank you to Bat to the Future, if that is your real name, I'm super happy you like it.

Oh also, before I forget to mention, another big thank you to 90.7 SYN FM's Get Cereal for inviting me onto their SYNsational show last Wednesday to talk about the Friday nights at NGV. Being in the radio station made me feel just like I was in an episode of Frasier, it was SYNply the best.

Here's a photo of me with the hosts of Get Cereal taken after the interview.
As well as Glenn Richards, also performing this Friday night will be DJ Airwolf. I don't really know about DJ Airwolf, but I am a fan of both air and wolves, so howl can you go wrong?

Plus, during the night there'll be two public talks taking place in the exhibition, one by Doctor Bill Sampson, ha, who I also don't know yet and whose name sounds made up, and the other talk will be by someone I do know and love; Australian artist Jon Campbell, who long time readers of this blog may remember from a post three years ago back in October, 2012 when my buddy Dan and I made him a painting of a giant novelty cheque. (Click on this sentence to read all about that.)
And so yeah, don't wait until Augie January for your next visit to the NGV, and definitely don't wait until Augie Feb or Augie March, instead come to the NGV from 5.30 to 10pm this Friday night on Augie October 16.

There's no need to Augie Push or Augie Shove, just click here for more info and to book tickets, and then Augie March on in to the gallery for a great night. A Catherine the great night.

Ha, thanks heaps for reading, I really appreciate it and I hope you're going really good, and yeah, if you're free, come say hi! There'll be fun talks, live music, grate food and even grater art.

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