Friday, October 30, 2015

Letting the Laura Jeanie out the bottle

Hey, what's news?

Here's something that was news a week ago but just incase this blog is the only place you turn to for all your hottest celeb goss I'd better say it anyway; last week cool guy rapper Drake released a new song called 'Hotline Bling' with a film clip that's heavily inspired by the work of American artist James Turrell.

Here's a little painting I just did of James Turrell's work.
And here's a little painting I just did of Drakes new video, (can you spot the difference?)
So move over Jay Z and Marina, there's a new rapper/artist colab in town. Although apparently it wasn't actually a colab and despite the similarities Turrell has recently put out a funny little statement saying that he was not involved in the making of the video.

Now I know there's a good chance you'd already heard about this on other hot celeb goss blogs, but what you wouldn't have heard on other hot celeb goss blogs is that Drake isn't the only one to have made art about being in a James Turrell piece; and I actually beat him to it back in February with this drawing, (which you might remember from my blog post about going to Canberra and seeing a James Turrell exhibition).
And here's my drawing but this time as a Drake video. 
But ok, I hadn't actually planned on writing about Drake, really all I wanted to say here is that if you're free tonight (October 30) you should totally come to the National Gallery of Victoria because a genie named Laura is gonna be there!

No wait, er sorry I've gotten that slightly wrong, let me try again; you should totally come to the NGV tonight because my friend Laura's jeans will be there!
Actually, hang on a sec, I've gotten it slightly wrong again, yes a Genie named Laura will be there tonight and so will my friend Laura's jeans, and as fantastic as they both are neither of them are the headline act. The actual reason you should totally come to the NGV tonight is because the amazing Australian singer songwriter Laura Jean will be there!!!
Click on this sentence for all the info and to get tickets. Also, if you unfortunately can't make tonight you can also get tickets for the final Catherine The Great's Friday Nights at the NGV, which is next Friday, November 6, headlined by The Underground Lovers.

And of course as well as the aura beams of Laura Gene you'll also get to experience DJ's, choral singers, expert talks, yum food, Catherine the Great's amazing art collection and plus these next two Friday's (as well as Saturday November 7th) are my last two weeks as the NGV "artist in residence" and hosting Drop By Drawing. So please drop by, say hi and if you're in the mood do some Drop by Drawing with me. 

And hey, speaking of drawings, here's one I did a week or two ago during a wheely great and funny talk at the Wheeler Centre by Jess McGuire and Russel Howcroft, (from the TV show Gruen).
And ok rad, thanks so much for reading this, hope you're having an awesome day and in conclusion; sure a video clip of Drake performing in a James Turrell work is pretty great, but if you really wanna watch something special come see Laura Jean perform under the NGV stained glass ceiling.

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