Thursday, November 21, 2019

Bi-Carb loading

Hi, here's a new ceramic sculpture of a box of bi-carb soda.
Acrylic on kiln fired earthenware ceramic. 12 x 10.5 x 5cm. 2019.

In very exciting news, this work has just been acquired by the city of Melbourne into the Town Hall Gallery Collection.

Bi-carb soda has been improving our lives for thousands of years. It’s also been improving our deaths for thousands of years- apparently the ancient Egyptians used a version of bi-carb to keep their mummified bodies dry and free from bacteria.

Centuries later, in 1852, the iconic McKenzies Bi-Carb Soda was created in Australia by the H.S.K Ward family. This nostalgic powder has hidden in the laundry, kitchen or bathroom of every house I’ve ever lived. Long before I knew what it was or how to use it, I’ve felt comforted by the familiar presence of this magical little blue and white box.

In other news, big thanks to everyone who saw my train drawing books in the recent group show at
 Toot Artspace in St. Kilda. To read a great review of the exhibition, written by Matto Lucas and published on the Melbourne Art Review, please click here.

Here's a new train drawing I did last week while on my way to the exhibition.

Speaking of recent drawings, I was invited to run a ceramics workshop at Xavier College, and while I was there here's a drawing I made for the artist Lyndon Allen while he taught a pastel workshop.

And in rock'n'roll news, I recently had the honour of designing the new t-shirt for the awesome Melbourne band Underground Lovers!

They also put my drawing on a tea towel, for all your dish drying needs!

Underground Lovers are launching their new album (and their new merch!) at the Corner Hotel in Richmond this Saturday November 23rd. Looking forward to the gig, hopefully see you there!

In the meantime thanks heaps for reading, hope you're well, and goodbye. Or should I say, goodbye-carb soda!

And to finish up here's some photos of my sculpture at the supermarket :)

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