Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Train on your parade

Hi, hope you're really well, just wanted to invite you along to a couple of new group exhibitions that i'm in, both opening this week.

First up is a
group exhibition titled Physical Absence, A human portrait. 
Open for one day only this Friday November 1st, from 10am-9pm, at Missing Persons Space in the Nicholas Building, this show is 
curated by Maya Martin-Westheimer and features the work of artists Amelia Dowling, Leonie Leivenzon, Lucille Martin and myself.

Phsical Absence
 is an exhibition re-imagining societal interpretations of portraits and self portraits in which the human body is absent, allowing the opportunity for exclusively emotional portraiture. The removal of the human figure within portraiture is a response to societies' preoccupation with physical appearance and seeks to connect people through shared emotional experiences.

Two of my ceramic works featured in the show are 'Self portrait as a balloon'

And this work from 2016 titled 'Self portrait as a tobacco pouch'.
The other group exhibition I'm in that opens this week is titled LO FI HIGH, opening from  5-7pm this Saturday November 7th, and on until November 16, at TooT Artspace in St. Kilda. 

The show presents artists who make zines, and whose work focuses on both high and low culture. LO FI HIGH is curated by Jade Walsh and it features the work of Nat Thomas, Jordan Mariani, Caspar Zika, Laila Marie Costa, Holly Crawford (USA), Amy Silliman (USA) and myself. 

I've included a few drawings and as well as copies of my 200 page book from 2015 titled Ninety Nine Drawings of People On The Train, which was originally shown in the exhibition NEW14 at the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art. 

If you're interested in purchasing a copy of my book but can't make it to the exhibition please click here!

The last thing I'd like to mention in this blog post is just a huge thanks to everyone who's been out to seen my piece Soy Sauce for Dimmies in the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize!

It's such a big honour to be a finalist in this show which is still on until this Sunday November 3rd, so please check it out if you're in Sydney. (Also, if you're feeling generous please click here to vote for my work in the 'peoples choice'!)

Here's a pic from the opening of me and the brilliant comedian Tim Ross, standing beside my work.
Tim's been a supporter of my work for a few years now and I think he's really great, as is his book, and so it was really cool to finally meet him. And just for fun, in preparation for the night I made a ceramic sculpture of Tim Ross' great new book Motel and he was kind enough to autograph it for me.
And ok, I'm officially at a Ross for words. Thanks so much for reading, hope you're having a nice week and hope to see you soon.

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