Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Yawn to be wild

Hey pal, this'll be a pretty quick blog post but basically I'm just very excited to let you know about an article in the current JULY/AUGUST issue of Art Guide Australia.

The article, titled An Artist Walks into a Bar and written by Sydney writer Andrew Frost, talks about the use of humour in art, and amongst some of the really great contemporary Australian artists that are mentioned, there's a paragraph or two that talks about my work. How cool is that?!

(If you happen to have read the article and you're interested in reading my Adam Cullen tribute thing that it mentions, click here).

But so yeah, if you're out and about pick up a copy of Art Guide Australia. 

To help you find it in the newsagent, here's the cover.
Actually no, that's not the cover, that's just a photo of me that I painted some text onto.

Here's what the cover actually looks like.
Here's my one and the real one, next to each other in the newsagent.
And here they are again in a big stack on the counter at the Degrave Street art store.
The image on the cover is a 2007 work by Sydney born London based photographer Julien Wolkenstein. It's from his series Yawning is Contagious, and is titled Sebastien.

To specifically try to get myself looking like Sebastien I stopped shaving for a week, (very itchy).
Then I got my hair on the straight and narrow.
And look at me now; a natural yawn killer.
Ha, but so yeah, that's all I wanted to write, thanks heaps for reading. Anyway I'm gonna go shave, and I think maybe after all this yawning I'll take a nap.
Sure it'd be nice if the world was Cadbury, but wouldn't it be ever nicer to just stay in bed all day reading Art Guide?


  1. Next you'll be putting yourself on the cover of Rolling Stone. Hang on you've already done that haven't you?

  2. oops now I remember it was Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, not you, on the cover of the Rolling Stone.