Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Soy Story

Hey, big thanks to everyone who attended by the Drop-by Drawing I hosted last weekend at the National Gallery of Victoria, thanks for dropping by! 

In other exciting news my ceramic piece Soy Sauce for Dimmies has been selected as a finalist in the 2019 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, opening this Friday night. I'm coming up to Sydney for the opening so hopefully see you there!

For more info on the prize please 
click here.

My first job was at a Fish’n’Chip shop, where after school, from ages 14 to 16, I worked part-time taking phone orders, folding boxes, giving out bonus potato cakes and putting soy sauce on dimmies. 

Most dim sim eaters were happy to just say “yes please” or “no thanks” when asked if they’d like soy sauce, others however were much more specific. “Just a drop”. “Just a drizzle”. “Yeah drown them in it, mate”. “Can I get my soy sauce in a separate ziplock bag?” The more specific the order the more joy I took in getting it right.

15 years later and I’m still making dim sims, only now I’m making them out of clay. Rather than steaming or frying the dimmies I’m now kiln firing them, and instead of coating them in soy sauce I’m painting them in glaze.

Soy Sauce for Dimmies uses humour and sentimentality to playfully encourage us to celebrate the simple things. Or perhaps I should say, the dim-simple things.
In other exciting news I have a new ceramic sculpture of a melted Bubble'O Bill available at Cement Fondu Gallery alongside their exhibition Flat Earth Society, also opening this weekend in Sydney.
Fun fact, a lot of people think Bubble'O Bill has a sad face, but that's actually his moustache!

Thanks for reading, you're dim simply the best 
and hopefully soy you soon! 

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