Friday, July 17, 2020

Every frog has its day

Hi, here's some ceramic sculptures I made of the new freddo frog ice-creams.
Acrylic on earthenware ceramic.
Each sculpture is 18 x 3 x 8cm.
These ice-creams are toad-ally delicious. A few weeks I first tried one of the frog ice-creams and I knew I had to make some sculptures of them ASAP, (As soon as popsicle!)

Speaking of ice-creams, tomorrow morning I'm very excited to be hosting a free online live drawing workshop with the National Gallery of Victoria, and it's all about drawing ice-creams!

The workshop is designed for primary school aged children but all are welcome! 
The workshop is tomorrow (Saturday July 18th) at 11am

To watch along, please click here!
Thanks so much to everyone who attended my previous NGV pet drawing workshop a couple of weeks ago, it was so much fun!

Here's one of the drawings I made during it of my neighbours dog popping its head over the fence to say hello.

Hope you're really well and hope to see you soon. Or you should I say, hope to see you spoon!

Here's a new drawing I made of some spoons :)

Thanks for reading, and so as another week melts away here's a new ceramic sculpture of a Bubble'O Bill.

Melted Bubble'O Bill
Acrylic on earthenware ceramic
26 x 3 x 25cm

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