Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The path of Weis resistance

Hi, here's a new ceramic sculpture I was recently commissioned to make of an orchid with a ladybug on its leaf.
Well this is orchid..
A big thank you to Danielle for this awesome commission. Or should I say, this orch-some commission. 

In other exciting news, I'm exhibiting a few works alongside lots of really great artists in the upcoming c3 gallery fundraiser exhibition, titled The Utopian Object, which opens this Thursday evening.

My works in the exhibition are titled Weisier Said Than Done.

It's the Weist I Can Do.

And Everything Happens For A Weison

The Utopian Object opens this Thursday (July 25th) from 6-8pm. Hopefully see you there! I'm so excited about it I might even wet my plants!

Thanks heaps for reading, and as a final drawing to leaf you on here's a little study I made in preparation for my orchid sculpture. 

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