Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Darned if you do and darned if you Nen-don't

Hey, there's only a week left to see the awesome Escher and Nendo exhibition on at the National Gallery of Victoria!

Here's a ceramic sculpture I made of a book by Oki Sato, the founder of Nendo.
Recently I was lucky enough to meet the brilliant Oki Sato and tell him how much I love his work, and he was kind enough to autograph my sculpture.

Here's my Nendo sculpture in front of Nendo's work.

And here's my Nendo at Nando's.

Also, in other "There's only one week left" news, there's only a week left to see the group show I'm in at Home 375 Gallery in Sydney.

ere's one of my new works in the show, a Glum Cola flavoured Sulky-boy sculpture.
Here's a new ceramic work I made called Wallets and Gromit, this work's included in my solo exhibition now on at Mars Gallery in Melbourne.
And I'd just like to say a huge thanks to everyone who's come to see the show so far!!

The exhibition's on until April 13th so if you haven't been able to see it yet hopefully you might get a chance in the next couple of weeks!

To coincide with my solo show, I also made a 20 page A5 catalogue, featuring a drawing of every work in the exhibition.

The books are 
printed on 125gsm paper with a handpainted front and back cover, and they're all signed and numbered in an edition of 50.

They're $10 each, including postage, and if you'd like a copy please let me know!

For more info about my solo show at Mars Gallery, please click here.

For more info about the group exhibition I'm in at Home 375 Gallery, please click here.
For more info about the Escher and Nendo exhibition at the NGV, please 
click here.

And for more info about Nando's, and to find a store near you, please 
click here.

Oh and lastly, in other exciting news, last week my girlfriend and I went to a Simpsons trivia night and amazingly we won the costume competition for this costume we made of two waffles stuck together!! (The Kwik-E-Mart doormat Emmy's holding was our prize.)

Thanks heaps for reading, hope you have a tremendous week, (or should I say, a tre-nendo-us week), and I hope it's packed full of waffles and gromit.

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