Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Talk the talk

Hey, how're you? I just wanted to write a quick something to officially invite you to attend a free artist talk at ACCA tomorrow night, (Wednesday, April 2nd.)

It starts at 6pm and will probably go for about an hour or so.

The talk will basically just be a conversation between Kyla McFarlane, (the curator of the current exhibition at ACCA; NEW14), with three of the artists in NEW14; Taree McKenzie, Danae Valenza, and also me.

This is the second of the two NEW14 artist talks, last week Kyla was speaking with three of the other artists in the show; Andrew Hazelwinkel, Charlie Dennington and Jelena Tolecki. Here's a drawing I did during the talk from where I was sitting up the back.
If you're not in the mood for listening tomorrow then feel free to just come along and draw a picture of me, but otherwise Taree and Danae's works are both absolutely amazing and these talks are usually pretty interesting, so yeah, it'd be great if you can make it.

On a side note, yesterday was the birthday of one of my very best buds, who also happens to be one of my favourite musicians, Nelson Walkom, and so to celebrate that I just put on youtube this video that I made for fun one day all the way back in 2010. The music on it is off Nelson's first EP.

The video's called YOU ANT SEEN NOTHING YET, and basically it's just about some ants that get cross while they're crossing an ant crossing.
And so there you go, ha, not to say that Ant crossing/Cross Ants isn't a great gag, (and sure, maybe the video would've been better if it only went for ten seconds and I'd had a better camera), but who'd have thought that just four years after making that video I'd be inviting you to my artist talk at ACCA. Ant life grand?

Antyway thanks heaps for reading and hopefully see you soon.

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