Friday, October 02, 2020

Baci to the future

Hi, the Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery is hosting a live online panel discussion at 2pm tomorrow (Saturday the 3rd of October). The talk is all about the value and power of using text and language within art.

On the panel will be 5 artists from the current group show 'Do I Have To Spell It Out For You?', including myself alongside great artists Kate Just, Benjamin Aitken, Nasim Nasr and Shevaun Wright!

The discussion is free to watch and will include live captioning as well as Auslan interpreting. If you'd like to register to watch the discussion please click 
Speaking of things you might like to watch, here's a new video workshop I made with the Shepparton Art Museum where I show you how to sculpt and glaze a ceramic sculpture of an apple.

The workshop's aimed for primary school aged kids but all are apple-solutely welcome to enjoy.
You can watch the video here!

Big thank you to the Shepparton Art Museum, and also a big thanks to Emmy Clifton for filming and editing.
In other news, I haven't just been sculpting fruit, here's a new ceramic sculpture I was recently commissioned to make of Baci chocolates.

Perhaps the best part of making this sculpture was afterwards when I got to eat the chocolates that I based it off. And so if ever you're thinking of commissioning me to make a sculpture please note if you propose something yummy it will certainly sweeten the deal!

And in other news, I'm super excited to share that my recent ceramic sculpture series '
Life Is Like A Box Of Crayons', which I originally created for Cement Fondu gallery, has just been acquired into the Artbank collection!

I've been a huge fan of Artbank for many years and am so thrilled that this work has found such a wonderful new home.

Thanks so much for reading, hope the rest of your week is bright and colourful.

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