Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A new lease on Lifeblood

Hello, in super arm-azing news I was recently invited to design this new bandage for the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood!

Very happy to be selected to work on this project alongside artists Beci Orpin, Gemma O'Brien, Georgia Perry, Chris Nixon and Brian Robinson!

Lifeblood has partnered with myself and these five fantastic artists to create a vibrant range of limited edition bandage artworks, that will be available to all blood and plasma donors nationwide during the next six weeks.

Here's a photo of me wearing the bandage I designed after having just donated, and enjoying a free Nippies iced coffee (one of the many perks of donating!)

If you'd like to see if you're eligible to donate, or to book in your next donation, visit donateblood.com.au.

In other news, this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Linden Postcard Prize held annually at Linden Gallery in St. Kilda, and to celebrate Linden are presenting an exhibition featuring work by the past winners.

Here's my painting which was the lucky recipient of the Linden Postcard Prize in 2013, titled Slime Balls and Misery Guts.
As well as myself, the other exhibiting artists are, in alphabetical order; Abdul Abdullah, Penny Byrne, William Eicholtz, Sarah crowEST, Robert Fenton, Prudence Flint, Josh Foley, Anna Hoyle, Helen Johnson, Michael Kluge, Robert McHaffie, Scott Miles, Jennifer Mills, Grant Nimmo, Greg Penn Louise Rippert, Hedy Ritterman, Valerie Sparks, Richard Stringer and Steffie Wallace.

You can view the full exhibition catalogue by clicking here.

My new work in the exhibition is this ceramic sculpture titled The Ticket.
A ripped ticket stub is a permanent record of a fleeting experience. The Ticket is a reflection on how, despite Luna Park having been 
closed for most of 2020, the year itself has felt a lot like a roller coaster. At times it’s been a scary ride with many unexpected twists, turns, ups and downs. 

This work is the latest in a series of hand sculpted replicas of items that are only very temporarily considered important, such as improvised bookmarks, discarded shopping lists and lost lottery tickets.

The online opening for the Linden Postcard 30th birthday exhibition is tomorrow evening, (Wednesday October 21st), from 6pm to 7pm. 

The event is free and will include live captioning. You can register to attend the opening by clicking hereHopefully see you there!

In the meantime, in the spirit of celebrating postcards, please feel free to send me a postcard addressed to my P.O Box, which is P.O Box 232, Batman. Victoria. 3058.

Thanks for reading, hope you're having a post-ticularly nice day!

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