Friday, April 10, 2020

Drop it like it's hot cross bun

Hi, hope you're having a very good Friday! Here's a ceramic work I made last year called Hot Cross Buns On A Recorder.
In other news, a big thanks to everyone who saw the recent group show Let's Play, curated by Tegan Iversen at CS Gallery. 

Here's one of my ceramic works from the show titled 
Three Drumsticks.

Another artist who featured in the exhibition was Evie Barrow, and here's a new ceramic sculpture I made of a great children's book she worked on titled Horatio Squeak.
The book's beautifully written by Karen Foxlee and wonderfully illustrated by Evie Barrow.

Horatio Squeak is a triumphant little tale (or tail) about a mouse who despite being small, learns the importance of speaking up, (or squeaking up!) 
It's a very sweet little story with a big message.

Here's a photo from February 29, only five weeks ago but way back when book launches were still a thing that existed 
and Evie was kind enough to autograph the sculpture.
And speaking of people who illustrate books, in exciting news, I illustrated a book!

The book's called 101 Things To Do When The WiFi Is Down.

A huge thanks to the author Ruby Ashby Orr for inviting me to illustrate it and 
Affirm Press for publishing it. 
Thanks so much for reading. Hope you have a nice long weekend full of hot cross buns, drumsticks, books and WiFi.

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