Friday, May 04, 2018

The Empire Strikes Cat

Happy May the Fourth!

Here's a new ceramic sculpture of Princess Leia, photographed as she was just about to quickly turn around, fire her pistol and blast Jabba the Cat out into space.

Speaking of space, I'm in an upcoming three person exhibition at Realm Art space in Ringwood, Victoria. 

The show's called Monuments to the Everyday and is curated by the astronomically amazing Emily Jones. 

The two shining art stars I'm excited to be exhibiting alongside are Melbourne based sculptor Carly Fischer and Tasmanian based painter Nathan Taylor. Here's one of his paintings on the flyer, as seen here in the current issue of Art Guide Australia.

The exhibition's on from May 10th until July 15th so hopefully you donut miss out on seeing it! 

The opening's from 2-4pm on Saturday May 12th and will be officially opened by the Mayor of Maroondah CR Lora Lamont, followed by guest speaker Kieran Robinson. Very fancy. So please scribble it into your diary, punch the co-ordinates into your spaceship and come along if you can!

Hopefully cat-ch you there and in the meantime here's another photo that was taken a long time ago in a galaxy fur, fur away. 
May the paws be with you.

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