Friday, January 19, 2018

It's a long subway to the top if you wanna veggie roll

Hey, happy 2018!! So far my highlight is seeing Superman eating Subway.

It's nice to know that he won't be out fighting baddies on an empty stomach, especially since tryna find a good place to eat can be a real kryptonitemare.

In other super news, here's 16 new little ceramic sculptures I was commissioned to make for the Melbourne Town Hall collection. 

There's 5 pineapples, 3 Sherbies, a Sherbet Bomb, a Flake, a Picnic, Cherry Ripe, Turkish Delight, a curly wurly, a killer python and last but not least; lollie teeth, (to replace your real teeth after you've eaten all this).

Also, here's another ceramic sculpture I made of a killer python, this one's eating its own tail, pictured next to Sensei the cat, who is also eating her own tail.

In more super news, please click here to read a nice little interview I did about my ceramic book sculptures with the amazing people at Australian Book Designers Association!

And speaking of my ceramic book sculptures, here's a new one that I'm super happy about; Textbook Romance by Zoë Foster Blake and Hamish Blake! 

(Pictured here with the real book chillin in the background.)

I actually made this sculpture way back in April last year, when I brought it along to a pretty amazing event where Hamish and Andy did their entire two hour radio show while crowd surfing. 

My buddy Chris and I went along to form part of the crowd that they surfed on, and after the show Hamish and Andy were really rad and stuck around to get a picture with everyone. 

And so that was really cool, and then seven months later Zoë Foster Blake has a brilliant new kids book out called No-one Likes A Fart, and so I brought the sculpture along to the book launch in the hopes of getting it autographed, and hey presto! (Or more accurately; Yay presto!)

Like everyone who enjoys smiling, I'm a massive fan of both Zoë and Hamish, and they actually segue into the next thing I wanted to mention which is this new little canvas I painted for the c3 Artspace fundraiser exhibition.The painting has now sold and gone to a good home, with the money raised helping keep the power on in a great gallery.

And lastly, in other news, I'm hosting a book making workshop for kids aged 5-10 at the Abbotsford Convent this upcoming Monday January 22. The workshops are put on by the fantastic non-profit organisation Kids Own Publishing, and my workshops specifically are all about the four P's- Pop art, pop corn, paddle pops and pop up books. Should be heaps of fun, hopefully see you there!

In the meantime though thanks heaps for reading, hope you have a super weekend, and to finish up here's a quick drawing of todays lunch, which was delightful.