Sunday, January 17, 2016

The summer of finding your feet

Hey, how often do you go to the shops in bare feet?...

Yeah I can't remember the last time I did it either, but this weekend I've been waiting in two separate Officeworks and both times I've been in line behind someone without shoes.
Officeworks; come for the low prices, stay for the feeling of a cool smooth floor under your feet... 
So yeah, you heard it here first, it's this summers hottest fashion phenomenon and we can expect to see a lot more people shopping in bare feet. 

Which is why I feel a bit sorry for this cool dude, who I also spotted this weekend, lying on the ground in Fed Square photographing a bunch of footwear for instagram. Poor guy, I didn't have the heart to tell him that shoes are so 2015.
But aside from unlacing that little fashion exclusive the other thing I wanted to quickly let you know about in this blog post is a few upcoming workshop type things that I'm a part of this week. 

Today I’ll be at the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) talking with primary and secondary school teachers about my work and running a little painting and ceramics workshop with them. In addition to that, this Wednesday morning, Jan 20, I’ll be doing the same thing but with year 11 and 12 students, but with a focus on different ways of preparing a folio. 

The teachers workshop is sold out but if you happen to be entering VCE this year, (or know someone who is), then definitely come along to the NGV this Wednesday morning. For more information on that click here

Oh and speaking of the NGV, here's a photo from when I was lucky enough to meet the British artists Gilbert and George at the NGV last November, which was really great because finally my t-shirt makes sense.
(The book that George and I are holding in the photo is actually a ceramic sculpture that I made of their book and they were kind enough to sign for me. 28 x27 x 24cm. Acrylic on ceramic. 2015.)
Another thing happening this Wednesday is artists Dylan Martorell, Dell Stewart and I will be at the MPavillion for a public discussion inviting young people to lead the conversation and ask us questions about our creative process, influences and paths to becoming artists. 

So that's 4.30pm this Wednesday at MPavillion. Come say hi! For more information on that click here.

Oh and speaking of MPavillion, here's a drawing I did there the other day while listening to a harpist harp on about his harp.
And lastly, the third workshop type thing I'm running this week goes from Monday to Friday, (January 18-22), where I’ll be co-hosting a drawing and animation workshop with Melbourne artist Dell Stewart at Signal. (Signal is a government funded creative arts studio for people aged 13-25.)

Signal is called Signal because it's based out of the old building that used to control all the train signals at Flinders Street Station. So if your train gets delayed at some point this week it's probably because I've accidentally leaned against one of the buttons.

So yeah, for more information on the workshop click here.

I think the workshop's gonna be really fun and very excitingly the little animations that the participants and I make during them will be screened at the Sugar Mountain Festival in Southbank on Saturday the 23rd, and also this Friday during a closing celebration at ACMI, (the Australian Centre of Moving Image).

And speaking of ACMI, here's a drawing I did of their very encouraging information desk;
So ok, next time I'll let you know about a couple of exciting group exhibitions that I've been working towards that open in February but you've probably put up with enough information for one blog post. 

And if you want any further details on any of the talks and workshops I just mentioned then here's my footnotes;
Footnotes. 29.5 x 21cm.
Thanks heaps for reading, hope you're going really good and having a great start to the year, and if trends continue the way they're going then hopefully the next time we run into each other at the shops neither of us will be wearing shoes.