Monday, February 17, 2014

Top stuff

Hey top dog, I hope you're having a top notch day and are feeling tip top.

Speaking of top things, here's a drawing of my buddy Nelson Walkom and I sitting on top of his roof.
The main reason I drew this is because at the time that I made the drawing my buddy Nelson Walkom and I were sitting on top of his roof. 
The main reason behind Nel and I being on the roof was to get down the frisbee, but the main reason I'm mentioning it in this little blog post is to share with you some cool news that the song Nel and I made a while back has been invited to again be part of the Channels Short Film Festival. 

And so on the off chance you'd like to see more of me and Nel on a rooftop, and you're free tonight and looking for some free fun, then head on up to Rooftop Cinema, from around about 8.30. Click on this sentence for all the details.

The festival, featuring the work of about 20 really great artists, (and me as well), is being put on as part of the National Gallery of Victoria's Melbourne Now blockbuster, ha, which is pretty exciting as it means technically Nel and I can put Melbourne Now on our cv.

Sorry this is such late notice, next time I'll do a much better job at keeping on top of things,  but so yeah if you're reading this Now and you're in Melbourne, then chuck on your top hat, top up your myki, sink your teeth into a choc top and come watch some short films on the big screen on the roof. 

Without going too over the top, I imagine tonight's short film festival will be even more of a magical mystery tour than when The Beatles played on their rooftop. (Luckily though you won't have to choose between The Beatles and the short films, you can have both, as the busker you'll pass as you're heading in and out of Rooftop Bar always seems to be playing two of the Beatles top hits; Let it be and Rocky Racoon.)