Tuesday, December 04, 2012

If you want blood, you got it

Hey, late last night these three drawings fell out from the back of the book I was reading.

I made the drawings about 4 years ago, in December 2008. They're all just marker on 21cm x 15cm, acid free 110gsm cartridge paper. 

All three drawings are of somebody donating blood.

The drawings aren't especially good or bad, but what's worth mentioning about them is that I was also donating blood at the time I drew them. 

I'd forgotten all about it until I saw these drawings again, but yeah, it was pretty funny laying back on the Upwey Community Centre stretcher, looking at the other people laying back on the other Upwey Community Centre stretchers, and scribbling away with my right arm while the needle sucked blood out of my left. 

The nurse advised me not to draw until afterwards, but I assured her it was a bloody good idea. I thought I was so cool, ha, but I'm sure I just looked like a weirdo as usual.

(PS. Make me an offer I can't refuse if you're interested in buying these drawings, I'd be happy to sign the back of them in blood. Or, if for some strange reason you'd rather I didn't bleed on them, I guess I could just use pencil).

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