Monday, July 23, 2012

Come to Alaska and see a thing or two

Hey, I should've mentioned this earlier, I'm in an exhibition in Alaska.
Which means I'm going to Alaska.
Which means you should go to Alaska.
Come to Alaska!
No, not Alaska the largest state in America, even better, I'm talking about Alaska the art gallery in Sydney.
You might not have heard of Alaska. It's only a year old. Apparently the gallery's been converted out of an old mechanics office in some forgotten underground car park in the heart of Kings Cross.

You've probably heard of Kings Cross, it's been in the news a lot lately as the hot spot for many, many cases of bad, bad people doing bad, bad things.
But don't be frightened, me and my Alaska gang will be there to personally come to your rescue should Chris Isaak's bad bad baby decide to show up. In fact, if she, or any other Kings Cross baddie does show up, I think it's safe to say they'll be so impressed with the art that they'll forget all about doing any bad bad things.

Oh and hey, click on this sentence to see my little bio on the Alaska website.

So make the smelly old Sydney Bienalle priority number two, and make number one ANYTHING, EVERY-THING AND ONE OTHER THING. The opening's on Wednesday. The show runs until August fifth.

In the meantime, here's 25 seconds of Chris Isaak dancing.
I talked to Chris backstage after the show and he told me he was dancing because he's excited about Alaska.

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