Thursday, February 16, 2012

the view from my studio

Throughout history all of the coolest artists have always had a bunch of chicks hanging around their studio.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Bic Lighter Mod. (or; 101 VIEW-MATIONS)

Ground breaking news everybody, my youtube account has reached an all time high today as a video I uploaded a month or two ago has scrambled its way into reaching 100 views.

101 views actually, hence the awfully bad second bit of the name of this post.
What a triumphant part of history for us all to be a part of. For a week and a half it just sat there at 95 views, but boy oh boy have we come a long way since then. In fact it seems like only yesterday that I was out there on the train living the moment, and now it won't be long before all of us begin swapping our stories of the old "so where were you when Kennys train video with that racist guy went completely viral and reached 100 views?"

To be honest I'm really only half paying attention while I write this as any moment now I'm expecting a call from Richard Branson to wish me a congratulations and ask me for advice on how to be successful.
The video I'm talking about is this one.

Of course to put my 100 views into perspective here's a video of a guy showing you how to take the safety off a lighter using a screwdriver. At the time of this post this video has 268,366 views.

And I know, I know, there are plenty of videos 10 times worse than this with 10 times more views, but I wanted to share this one with you as I think the guy narrating it is great.
In fact, if it turns out that Richard Branson and the guy who narrates this lighter video both happen to call me at the same time, which probably will happen, then I might actually have to put Richard on hold.
This video is titled "Bic Lighter Mod.", and because it's so popular I decided to jump on its bandwagon and use its title in the name of this post. 

Now if anybody happens to have been tricked into coming to this blog because they were hoping to learn more on the subject of removing those lighter safety devices, let me just say that my advice to anybody who doesn't know this already, which is probably nobody, (although it wasn't mentioned in the video), is that if you don't have a screwdriver handy then a key will work just as well.

Innovative tips like this can be so hard to come by for those of us who do our own parenting.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

To mock killing a bird

Click play.

Why did the chicken cross the backyard?

Very sad.
She is buried now.

Our chooks are too comfortable with us, occasionally it's dangerous, like when we're cutting up firewood they always seem to hop up onto the chopping block to see what we're up to, sometimes mid swing.

(I blacked out the registration number on the car because I know how irresistible a lot of us find chicken and I don't want any of you to be able to grab your shovel and track down her grave when you get hungry.)

The next day my Dad noticed that another bird had gotten in the path of the ford Falcon. 

Also sad, but I just sort of kicked this bird out with my foot. 
You can eat this one if you like. There was no burial.
It's funny how you feel infinitely more awful about killing a bird you know and love than some anonymous bird that nobody knows.
Is that funny? Or is that horrific?
I guess it's a bit like Dylan's song "Only a hobo".
In fact here's the song, pause the other song and click play on this one, and while you're listening to it be sure to remember that Bob isn't singing about a human, he's really singing about the bird in the image above.

There's an old Chinese proverb that goes 
"A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song".
And my direct response to that is, like Nelly Furtado is always singing on the 90's mix they play at the supermarket, I'm like a bird.