Friday, August 07, 2015

A write of passage

Hi pal, nice to see ya, hope everything's going all write with you.

And speaking of things going all write, this just a quick blog post to announce that I'm very excited to have been selected for the Kings Emerging Writers Program, as best illustrated here, in this photo of me coming out of a pool wearing a crown and holding my favourite pen and the best moleskin journal that money can buy.
Portrait of a Kings emerging writer.
Basically the outcome of the Kings Emerging Writers program is that I'll write three 500 word essay text things to accompany three exhibitions held throughout the remainder of this year at Kings Artist Run Gallery, (which is located at 171 Kings Street in Melbourne).

This is the first time I'll have ever written an exhibition essay for somebody else's show, which is very exciting and also it means I'm now one step closer to being a big hotshot art writer, AKA pretty much the next Clement Greenburg; (who was the American art critic most noted for being one of the earliest and biggest supporters of the great tin can tipper Jackson Pollock). 

A fun fact about Clement Greenburg is that he follows me on twitter.
This fun fact is made all the more impressive by the much less fun fact that Clement Greenburg died of emphysema in 1994, breathing his last breath twelve years before the creation of twitter.

And so with Greenburg's passing it now means that the biggest living supporter of Jackson Pollock is, (despite the fact this person hasn't quite yet mastered the spelling of Pollock's name), American actor Billy Zane.
Billy Zane is of course most notable for playing the bad guy in the movie Titanic, as seen in this quick drawing I did of him.
And Billy Zane is one tough critic. If you remember correctly from Titanic, (speaking as someone who saw it three times in the cinema), Billy Zane famously scoffed at his fiancee Rose's immense collection of paintings, saying that Picasso 'won't amount to anything'.
Just goes to show what I know, I've always thought Picasso was pretty good, but I guess I can't be write all of the time. And so even though I'm definitely going to be the next Clement Greenburg, unfortunately I don't think I'll ever be the next Billy Zane. 

But that's fine, I don't wanna be Billy Zane anyway, I'd much rather be Jack Dawson.
Actually no, scratch that, I wanna be Rose.
Rose was the best star in the film who didn't drown, and no thank you, no drowning for me. In fact quite the opposite, I'm emerging. 

Which brings me write back to the whole point of this blog post, which is to say that I'm very excited to be in the Kings Emerging Writers Program, and if you please come along to see the exhibition you can take home a copy of my very first exhibition essay, as well as obviously seeing the exhibition itself, which is a solo show by the excellent Melbourne artist Fleur Summers. The opening is tonight from 6-8pm.

If you can't make it tonight though the exhibition runs until August 29. Also, the essay will be published on the Kings Artist Run website so I'll be sure to put a link to it on here sometime very soon.

In the meantime though thanks so much for reading, hopefully see you tonight, and here's a picture of me as Jack Dawson at the front of the Titanic shouting "I'm the King(s Artist Run Emerging Writer) of the world!"

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