Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The Sleeping Bags


  1. Ok so there isn't so much to work with in this post.... even for a narcissistic poster like me.

    First thought are often best thoughts (and they are frequently chronological so don't expect something amazing).... so here goes:

    Kenny as "whacky". No. Whacky is never an adjective that comes to mind with you. Lateral, Fun, Funny and beautiful. Those are the Kenny things. Whacky sounds too close to Waco, so forget that.

    The sleeping bags... first thought was that Kenny doesn't have bags under his eyes... maybe this will be about tea bags. But no, sleeping bags... which started me thinking about how many different sorts of bags there are in the world. A lot I think.

    Next was a wow moment. Kenny is camping with a girl. I mean a real girl.... have you been holding out on your blog readers. Anything you need to get off your chest? I could tell it was a girl because there were horizontal lines mid-way on the front of the t-shirt.

    Then I noticed you have really bendy arms. I saw a guy like that on this year’s TV show called Brittan’s Got Talent... only you were better.

    If a picture really is worth a thousand words, well I'm feeling a bit illiterate and have failed to read this post. Nevertheless I'm very happy there is a post. Mind you most KP stuff is pretty dam good!

  2. Hey Paul, appreciate the nice words, ha, yeah 'Wacky' is deliberately cringeworthy. You know us artists, we're a wacky lot.

    I haven't been camping recently, not since summer, but I definitely plan to go again soon when the weather gets less stormy, and yeah hopefully with a girl, most girls are better at camping than me, as depicted in the drawings above. I assume you found it "a wow moment" because you don't think there's any woman out there who would willingly put up with me for days out in the woods. Which is probably accurate. Ha, that's probably the real joke in the comic.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Note to girl blog readers: Don't go camping with Kenny.... it's better for humanity that he remains whacky and tortured and an awesome artist. Lovesick Kenny would just blog bomb with pictures of "the one" and lose that edge.

    I've never been camping....

    And in Australia, with snakes.... you've got to be kidding.