Saturday, May 30, 2015

Romantic Rome antics

Hey bella, ciao! Just thought I'd write one more reminder to let you know that Che Cosa!, the Italiano themed exhibition I'm in curated by David Capra at the Wollongong City Gallery in New South Wales, is in its last days and closes tomorrow on the 31st of May.

Here's a photo of me at the opening of the show holding my sculpture of a slice of pizza. When this photo was taken I was right in the middle of serving people real neapolitan ice-cream while standing in front of my ceramic sculpture of neapolitan ice-cream.
Here's a photo of a kid looking at the sculpture.
And a split second later here's the kid pouncing towards my ice-cream sculpture with a spoon, which was both alarming and flattering.
After the opening a bunch of us went out to dinner at some Italian restaurant. The restaurant even has a poster for our exhibition in the window. Look, there's my name being pointed out by my amazing pal Jodie.The best thing about that above photo though isn't having my name pointed out, it's the shadow of Jodie's screaming profile.
Naturally for dessert I brought out one of the remaining bags I have of Fonzies, (Italian Twisties). Here they are up Jodies nose.
Here's my buddy (and Jodies husband) Heath, another exhibiting artist in Che Cosa!, making sure that each of those Fonzies does snot go to waste.
The day after the exhibition opened some of the other artists in the show and I gave artist talks
and following that we presented a public class on how to make pasta. It was a bit like we were participants in a cooking show, which is of course the role I was born to play, as seen in my caption for this instagram post I did last year.
Ten minutes after being taught how to make pasta I was already a pro, and here I am immediately imparting my wisdom to this junior masterchef.
And then, you turn your back for one second...
Before the pasta learning day though I had actually made pasta once another time; I made a bowl of fettuccine, however rather than use flour, egg and salt I used kiln fired clay. It's actually one of the sculptures in the exhibition. (I'll get a better photo of it soon but for tonight this is currently the best shot of it I have.)
Earlier this afternoon I decided to have another go at making real pasta. Here I am kneading it. Turns out I'm a natural. Which of course makes total sense; my whole life I've always been extremely kneedy.
Me being kneady.
Making pasta doesn't take very long, having said that though sometimes the pasta itself can be very long. Check it out, today I made a piece even longer than me.
At which point my dog Chloe decided to help out with the cooking.
I never knew a dog could be such a help in the kitchen. Speaking of dogs, I guess probably the strongest argument against legalising same sex marriage is the whole thing of "well if we let gay people get married then what next, we'll let people marry their dogs?!"

On an unrelated note, Chloe and I are currently planning a trip to Ireland.
In the Che Cosa! exhibition, as well as pasta sculptures and ice-cream paintings I also have some photos from my time in Italy, including this one taken by artist Georgina Lee of me in the Colosseum painting the movie Gladiator on blu-ray DVD. 
So many things I saw in Italy completely blew my mind and the Colosseum was definitely one of them. I'll never forget seeing the cells where they kept the lions, tigers, jaguars and bears that were forced to fight to the death with unarmed prisoners.

So much brutal history, meanwhile here's me using my plastic shield as a pallet and my plastic sword as a brush.

There's also a video of me doing that painting in the Colosseum, which although I never really intended to be "Art" I was so pleased to see it's also included in the Che Cosa! exhibition.
Here's someone watching it.
But so yeah, tomorrow's the last day of the show. It's a really good day to go too. At 1.30pm the curator David Capra will be giving a floor talk, there'll be Italian folk music performed by David De Santi and Zumbi, and also if you're there between 3 and 4pm you can learn the Italian card game Scopa. The Wollongong City Gallery will have the drinks a flowing and many a plateful of a meats, a cheeses, a olives, a mushrooms, a breads, a oils and a sauces. Yumma mia.

And so ok, alls I'm tryna say is that if you're able to make it tomorrow then you definitely should. But alright I think for now I'd better end this here as I'm starting to fall asleep, and on that note, here's a photo I took last year in front of some ancient castle in Naples of a snoozing man using his phone as a pillow.
Thanks heaps for reading, hope you're having a great weekend and hope to see you again really doggone soon.

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