Thursday, May 07, 2015

I don't wanna Misha thing

Hey pal, here's a photo of my hips with the word 'friends' written on them.
Now why would I write the word friends on my hips? Well, because recently SPOOK magazine invited me to interview the artist Misha Grace from the music duo friendships, and so obviously; friends on your hips... friends hips... friendships.

Ha, and so yeah, I'm pretty excited about this interview, I think it's one of the best ones I've written, (not that I've really written that many), plus now that I think about it I'm also pretty excited about writing friends on my hips, it's actually a pretty good idea for a tattoo. You should get it!

You could get it tattooed onto your left side and your friend could get a matching one tattooed onto their right side, and that way the two of you will always be joined at the hip. You should probably drop whatever you're doing right now and race on over to the hippest tattoo parlour you can find. 

Are they still called tattoo parlours? When I hear the word parlour I just think of Pancake Parlour. Or that band Taymen Parlour. I don't really know much about Taymen Parlour... ha, clearly, I just looked them up and it turns out they're actually called Tame Impala. But to segue back to what I was trying to write about; Tame Impala are a band from Perth, which also happens to be where one half of friendships are from, and that's the reason that for this interview I wore my I heart Perth t-shirt that I talked about in the last blog post.

And so yeah, enough stalling, click on this sentence for a link to my interview with Misha Grace from friendships. Hope you like it. 

Here's a photo from the article, of Misha and I, obviously talking about very serious stuff.

And here's two slightly less serious looking photos that SPOOK magazine didn't use.
As well as writing the piece I also did a little drawing to illustrate the part of the interview at the start where Misha mentions a newtons cradle. 

A newtons cradle is one of those things that has five balls, each hanging from two wires, that are used to demonstrate how momentum and transferring energy works. 
Misha brought up the newton's cradle when I asked her about how she collaborates with her friendships partner Nick. Misha described the process as Nick being one of the end balls and her being the other, and the balls in the middle are the art. I think it's a really strong analogy for how two people can collaborate and so to accompany the article I made this gif to visually represent what she'd said.
I also made the same gif without the text, just for fun. I'd never made a gif before, I really like them, especially when they're of a newtons cradle. Scientists have always said that perpetual motion is impossible but it looks like my gif has proved them wrong. I might win a Nobel Prize for this gif, just so long as whatever screen it's being shown on doesn't run out of battery the thing will just keep going forever, from the newtons cradle to the grave.
And speaking of gifs, well actually this time I'm speaking of gifts, after the interview as a way of thanking Misha for her time I gave her a pair of sculptures of chips that I'd made, (one for her and one for her friendships band member Nick). One of the chips was crinkle cut and the other one thins, both acrylic on kiln fired ceramic. On the chips I painted the word friend, thus, making them friendchips.
Cause the best kind of chip is a friendchip.

Here's Misha with them, clearly very impressed.
And here's the friendchips again, this time looking a bit more tanned than I remembered thanks to a hip filter on Misha's #instagram.
I actually made a third friendchip as well, this one was just for me though. Here's Misha signing it while I hold some draping things away from her head.
Hopefully friendships will become the biggest band in the world and my signed friendchip will be worth it's weight in golden gaytimes
but if for some reason friendships doesn't become the next Taymen Parlour then that's ok too because as I do of course have a plan B on hopefully not becoming homeless, and that's to sell this collection I've started making of blue chip art. 
Blue chip art. Acrylic on kiln fired ceramic. 2015.

Ha, but ok, all I really wanted to say in this blog post is that I hope you get a chance to read the SPOOK interview with Misha Grace and I'd love to hear what you think of it. Once again, here's a link to the article.

And now, having said all that, I'd better wrap this up as you've gotta go get friend tattooed on your hip and I need to go eat some friendchips. Maybe I'll have them with some french dips. Heck, I might even have them with some crustaceans that hang around the outskirts of society, you know; fringe shrimps. 

Thanks heaps to Garry and the team at SPOOK magazine for inviting me to do the interview and to Ash for helping tee it up, thanks to Misha Grace for having me over to her studio and being so great to talk with, and lastly but not leastly, thanks so much to you for reading this, I really appreciate it. 

See you soon and in the meantime, much like my drawing of a newtons cradle, keep on moving and never gif up.


  1. Love the chip sculptures Kenny!! And the gif - hope you make more!

    1. Hey Jane, thanks heaps!! And yeah I think I might, they really are the gif that keeps on gifing :)

  2. Wow... I love those blue chips... I want those blue chips... maybe I'd want a bowl of different coloured chips... and a few plain ones. Yes, I'd really like that. They'd be interesting on the mantel piece.

    And the other thing that occurred to me... the balls.... I wonder if the angle of the swing of the end ball signifies the strength of the friendship..... your wordless gif looked like a bigger angle, but maybe it was a bigger pic and an optical illusion.

    1. Hey Paul, thanks so much! If you're interested in commissioning me to make you a bowl of chip sculptures just send me an email and, much like a newtons cradle, we can get the ball rolling and in full swing :)

  3. you are one of the best writers i've read. :D keep up the good work! i wish we were friends at uni :(

  4. Mr Pittock.... one commission at a time, I already have one in the queue :)