Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This is where I draw the line


Last night I was talking on the phone with a friend and at some point in the conversation I said something along the lines of "I'm feeling a little uncontent with my work". 

"Discontent" she corrected me. 

"Ha, yeah, you know what I mean" I said, "I was thinking of the words 'unsatisfied' and 'discontent' and so that's just what came out."

"Are you feeling like that because you think that you're on repeat?" she asked, quickly and confidently.

"Woah" I laughed, "that's not what I meant at all, but ouch, it seems pretty clear that you think I'm in reruns."

Eventually my friend and I moved on to talking about something else, soft shell crab I think, and how she likes it and I've never tried it, (apparently it's sort of similar to prawns just not as chewy), but so the whole time we were discussing the chewiness of various crustaceans I just kept thinking about that line she'd said earlier and how there's absolutely no way that she's right.

No sir ee. Not a chance. On repeat?! Of course not. She must be out of her lined. Anyway thanks heaps for reading, hope you're going really good (and not at all uncontent), and here's ten brand new drawings.

If you're lost you can look and you will find me, line after line.
If you fall I will catch you, I'll be waiting, line after line.


  1. So... a new blog. I saw it when I got home from work and I stopped myself; no Paul don't read it now, wait and saviour it when you've unwound a bit and can really engage with it, soak it up and reply with pearls of wisdom.
    So I did... and 10:15pm was the time to soak it up.
    I think your friend has a point. Just in your last blog post there were repeats.... I think you made quite a lot of twisties.... and then used an excuse that the original twisties when missing so you made more twisties. That's repeating right?
    I wasn't really interested in the soft shell crab thing in your blog. That's because when I was 12 I went floundering, at night (as you do), with a lamp and a spear. And a flounder crashed into my leg. At the time the flounder was travelling at 100kmph, and it was terrifying. That was the day when I decided I wanted nothing more to do with anything that came from the sea. That includes crabs. No crabs for me.
    And this probably says more about me than you... so I saw the line drawing... and the next line drawing, and the next one... and my brain, well I don't know why, but I really really really wanted to see a horizontal line.... but no, just vertical lines. A horizontal line; actually even a diagonal line, would have made that blog post. I reckon maybe you need to take a line class... understand the different dynamics, types and meanings of lines... maybe that would help. So many vertical lines were disappointing.
    So my delayed pleasure and excitement about savouring your blog…. Well it was like getting home from work, having been thinking about a glass of wine all day, and you pour the wine into the glass only to discover there is just 1cm of wine left in the bottle.
    But nevertheless it was exceptionally nice to have a blog post, even a blog post that is 211 words long.
    (343 words)

    1. This was fantastic. That Flounder made you flounder.

    2. Hey Paul, thanks heaps for the comment! It's always wonderful to receive your 'pearls of wisdom' :)
      Most of what I know about flounders I learnt from the flounder on the little mermaid, you know the one, his name was Flounder. I'm pretty sure Flounder couldn't swim 100kmph, but then again I don't think he was ever about to be speared by you, and also that guy Disney was always making stuff up.
      So yeah, I understand why you might not wanna go floundering again, (although maybe you could just wear shin guards?), but I don’t think you should be so hasty as to say that you want "nothing more to do with anything that came from the sea", cause remember that we humans ourselves once came from the sea. Ha, but so sea, it's no wonder life can be so tricky sometimes; we're a real fish out of water.
      In regards to your uncontentment because I didn't include any horizontal or vertical lines, with stuff like this you've just gotta trust that I did try that. I drew many more lines than made it into the post but when putting the thing together I had to be selective and only use the ones that to me best did what I wanted to do. However even though horizontal or diagonal lines didn’t make the cut if you'd like I'll email you one or two of them and then in your head you can insert them into the mix and see what you think.
      Ha, also if 211 words tasted like one centimetre of wine then I'd hate to think what measurement the blog post I put up today tasted like, (which has maybe nine words if you're being generous), but drink up, and hopefully try to remember that often it's much harder to say what you want to say in less words. Also don't be too disheartened, if you're still interested I plan to write a much more wordy post soon.
      Thanks again for the 343 words, I just wrote exactly 343 in reply :)

    3. Woah.... that penultimate sentence, "if you're still interested ... " that felt like you were trying to shake me off.

      I think you might be too famous for my blog posts. I clicked on the twitter link and it said more than 500 people follow you... that must really make train conductors and bus drivers really late.

  2. and, at the risk of monopolising the blog, I had two more thoughts this morning (while on a bus, not a train) which might be relevant.

    If you are repeating: If. That makes you a specialist doesn't it. An expert in the things you repeated. So like, you're an expert twistee maker.

    And there were some other art guys who seem to do the same type of thing over and over... Monet and Picasso etc.. You can see their pictures and know it was them.... but I don't think they should be criticised for repeating.