Monday, September 22, 2014

Get Bus livin' or get Bus dyin'

Hi four eyes, really great to see you! I know I only wrote a new blog post yesterday but I wanted to say hi again to tell you about how this week is a double header.

Hey you know what else is a double header? The two-face in this drawing I just did. (I gave myself the goal to make a drawing in the exact same amount of time it took the 7-11 robot barrister to make my coffee.)
Ha, anyway when I say that this week is a double header what I really mean is that I'm in back to back exhibitions that open this Tuesday and Wednesday night, and yes of course the reason I'm telling you this is because I'm officially inviting you to please come to them both!

First off, tomorrow night, (A.K.A. Tuesday, September 23), I've got a little collection of work in a group show at Death Be Kind, which is the awesome gallery above The Alderman bar at 134 Lygon Street in Brunswick East.

The show's been curated by two rad Melbourne artists Nick Devlin and Fergus Binns and it's called I Probably Don't Like You

(Pssst... even though that's the title of the show, just between you and me, I probably do like you.)

On the juan hand I'm especially excited to be in an exhibition with the great Juan Davilla, but on the other equally gripping hand who even cares about the names of who's in the exhibition I'm just excited cause it's a really good show.

Ha, if you do care about names though, here's the flyer.

Actually the show has two flyers, so if the elegant simplicity of that first flyer didn't hook you in then try this one on for size.
Also, here's a photo I just took in 7-11 of one of my sculptures that's in the show, it's an acrylic on ceramic and it's titled tinder surprise.
tinder surprise. Acrylic on ceramic. 7 x 5 x 5cm. 2014.

So that's one of my sculptures in the show, I've also got four others and a drawing. So yeah, the opening's tomorrow night, 6 to 8pm, above the The Alderman, 134 Lygon Street, and so if you're around then please come join me for a beer.

And so ok, then the night after that, (A.K.A Wednesday September 24), I've got a piece in the exhibition on at Bus Projects, which is at 25-31 Rokeby Street in Collingwood. This show's been wonderfully curated by Kim Brocket and here's the Busload of roBust blockBuser artists who are in it;
Agnes So, Annabelle Kingston & Brennan Olver, Centre for Style, Christo Crocker, Georgia Hutchison & Arini Byng, Greatest Hits, Joshua Petherick, Juliet Rowe, Kate Daw, Kenny Pittock (that's me), Madeline Kidd, Nathan Gray, Nick Selenitsch, Noriko Nakamura, Peter Tyndall, SIBLING, Simon Zoric, Tin & Ed, Tully Moore, and Matt Griffin.
This is a fundraiser exhibition to try and hopefully raise some pennies for the gallery. The idea of it is that everyone in the show was asked to donate a work that has then been professionally printed as an edition of 5. All editions are 29 x 42cm and cost $250 unframed, and $395 framed. All of the moneys go towards supporting the awesome Bus Projects, (and of course by supporting Bus Projects you are supporting The Melbourne Art Scene, which in doing so is technically supporting me, so that's nice too.)

The loose theme of the show is emotions and so my piece in it is my drawing Self portrait as a train wreck. Here's a photo of me holding the drawing on a train.
Click on this sentence for a link to an article about this Bus Projects Fundraising Exhibition written by Sarah Werkmeister and published on The Thousands.

Or click on this sentence for a link to the facebook invite.

But so yeah, I think that's everything I wanted to say; tomorrow night 6-8pm at 134 Lygon Street and Wednesday night 6-8pm at 25-31 Rokeby Street. If for whatever reason you can't make the openings, (and you provide me with a doctors certificate explaining why), then worry not as the show at Death Be Kind will remain open until October 12 and the show at Bus will remain open until October 11.

Ok cool, thanks so much for reading, I hope things are going really good with you and so yeah hopefully I'll get to see you one of these next few nights, it should be a real hoot!


  1. I think you look better with the owl head on.

    1. Ha, thanks a lot, I'll be sure to keep that in mind on days when I need to look my best. If ever I'm getting married or having a photo-shoot for the cover of ZOO Weekly I'll definitely put the owl head on. Thanks heaps for the comment, in fact you've provided me with such great fashion advice that you should probably charge me an owl-ery rate for it. Kenny

  2. I'm really jealous of the name of this show and I wish that I had come up with it.

    1. Hey Anonymous, are you the same Anonymous that commented a couple of hours ago? Anonymous is a pretty name, where's it from? It certainly seems to be a very common name here on the internet, ha, it's no wonder you're jealous of more unique names like what the show is called. In all seriousness though if you'd ever actually like me to try and help you come up with possible names for a show of yours then just let me know! Thanks for the comment, Kenny

    2. I like you better without the owl head ;)