Tuesday, August 05, 2014

All's fair in love and Warrnambool

Hi, how're you? I'm just writing a quick hello to let you know that tomorrow night is the opening of the Future Now travelling exhibition at The Artery, in Warrnambool, Regional Victoria.

Here's the flyer thing for it.
My work in The Artery version of Future Now is the Friends show that I had in the original Substation version of Future Now, plus a couple of additional works as well, including my sculpture Esky, chips and sauce.
Esky, chips and sauce. Acrylic on wood, paper and ceramic. 2013. 

I chose this piece mainly because the gallery that this show's at is called the Artery, and what better way to clog an Artery.
Chips and sauce. Acrylic on ceramic. 2013.

It's a little exciting travelling with a show, me and the 6 other artists in the exhibition, we're just like Jack Kerouac, going On The Road. 

Ha, or maybe more accurately we're circus folk.

Pretty crazy really, only yesterday I arrived back from a week working and exhibiting in Perth and now tomorrow morning I'm driving to Warrnambool for the night. It's gonna take me about four hours to get there, which coincidentally is actually about the same amount of time it took to get to Perth. 

Anyway as it says on the flyer the Future Now opening is tomorrow from 6 to 8pm, but if you can't make it to that I'll also be around the day after as well, (Thursday August 7), as from 11.15am to 12.15pm myself and fellow Future Now artist Sarah Duyshart will be in the gallery presenting a floor talk. It's primarily for the Warrnambool year 11 and 12 art students, but all are welcome.

And if you can't make it to that then the exhibition' will remain open until August 24. 

And if you can't make it at all, ha, well, I still very much appreciate you reading this, and of course I completely understand, because unless you live in Warrnambool then Warrnambool is very far away. 

But so yeah, really looking forward to hitting the road and hopefully I'll see you tomorrow night as we clog up the The Artery. And after all this talk of clogging arteries here's a photo of todays lunch, a steak and bacon pie, eaten with the sun in my eye.
And now, having finished this blog post, here I am about to have literally my favourite midnight dinner ever; vegetables, chicken kiev and sausages.
(And finally, not that she'll ever read this, but thank you to my mum for getting out of bed to take that last photo. xo)


  1. Wow... I nearly made a big mistake with this comment. It was only by accident that I had corrected it before posting. The mistake.... Mr Pittock had posted two blogs....

    So my original post would have been something like, wow, amazing how large pictures can make a blog that doesn't contain many words look substantive. The post would have gone on to suggest a word count at the end of each post.

    BUT, then, after checking back I accidentally noticed another post below. My first reaction was, GOLD.... a secret post that I've discovered and no one else will probably notice. Then it was crap, go easy on the young guy, he has actually posted twice.

    So.... in the second post (but really the earlier post) I really liked your drawing of the security guard. I don't know why, it seemed very arty. Actually I might have even loved it.... but the addition of whatever you drew next to it... ummm.. was it in pencil :)... can that second bit be deleted :)

    I like the guard, by him/herself.

    Any I feel the need to comment on tongue licking: it just seems wrong to have a beard. But I have a second comment on that same subject. I thought that your drawing was way better than the photograph. So you win... easily. Mind you, I'm biased, I'm a fan.

    So yeah... I liked your first post.... but that's with mixed feelings because I also like pictures of you, and the second post had more of those.

    It shouldn't be this difficult to comment.

    1. Hi Paul, great to hear from you again. The first thing I did after reading your comment was do a word count on this post, it came in at 432, plus there's an image full of text, ha, that's plenty. I like writing posts that come in at over 2000 words as well, although sometimes I worry they're too long, but yeah I don't really have any rules about this stuff, sometimes a post might have a million words and sometimes it might have none, that's the joy of this medium.

      Ha, also Monday's post wasn't meant to be a secret post, I just decided to write a post two days in a row that's all.

      Really glad you liked the security guard drawing. It's done in acrylic so the Kentridge sculpture can't be deleted with an eraser, it's essentially like working with indian ink, but that's why I take the progress photos, so that you can make decisions like that. Sometimes I go too far with a drawing and wish I could go back, but in this case I kind of like the addition of the sculpture, and also the shadow. Thanks heaps for the feedback though, I definitely think about those things when I'm making the drawing. (I'm also working very fast as the security guard could move at any moment, so I make these decisions intuitively and quickly.)

      Ha, I don't know what you mean by "it just seems wrong to have a beard", but I do really like that that's what bothers you, as appose to the tongue licking. I don't have a beard, but that's only because I don't think they look good on me. However I do like the idea of not having to shave every day.

      And thanks, I'm very flattered you like the drawing. The photograph (and the whole exhibition) is pretty amazing, hopefully you'll get a chance to check out Richard Avedon's work sometime.

      Thanks heaps for the comment, hope all's going good and you're having a great Saturday. Merry weekend to Paul and to Paul a goodnight.