Monday, August 04, 2014

A slip of the tounge

Hi, here's a photo by American photographer Richard Avedon that was taken in New York on December 30, 1963. 

It's of the poets and long time partners Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky. 

They're licking each other's tongues.
The photo is included in a great Richard Avedon exhibition that opened two days ago at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. 

I was standing in front of it yesterday and a little boy came up next to me, he took one look and said "gross!" then ran off to find his mum. 

So I figured I should draw it.
(I don't know how obvious it is but I tried to make my drawing in the shape of a love heart.)
I'd also just been reading about Michelangelo's painting The Creation of Adam, and in the book it at had this really cool passage describing the energy in the little space between Adam and God's fingers.
So I had a go at trying to get a similar kind of energy in the space between Ginsberg and Orlovsky's tongues.
Drawing of a photograph by Richard Avedon. Acrylic on 225gsm paper. 21 x 29.5cm. 2014.

While at the Art Gallery of Western Australia I also drew this security guard
who was standing next to a bronze sculpture by William Kentridge.Here's maybe a better angle of the Kentridge sculpture.
(Also, amazingly, as I mentioned in the last post and as a quick little plug, remember that you can see my new painting and new sculpture exhibited alongside William Kentridge in the PICA Salon at the Perth Institute for Contemporary Art, on until August 31.)Anyway after that I had time to do one more little drawing, this time of a crayon work by Australian artist Charles Blackman. The work was done in 1967 and titled "Grooming the dog".
Because Blackman's piece was done in crayon I decided to take my drawing of it next door to the children's room of the exhibition. 
And using a magnet I installed my piece
,just below a drawing by Starr Henderson, who at 5 years old is 21 years my junior.

And Starr by my name, Starr by nature, it's clear Starr Henderson is the next big thing, just look how perfectly she's captured the Giraffe Duck.
So there you go, not only is my work at PICA exhibited alongside William Kentridge, it's also at AGWA exhibited alongside Starr Henderson. 

And I don't mind one bit if I'll never be a big Starr like Henderson, that's all water off a giraffe ducks back, because at the end of the day I'm just happy to know I've had something I've done hung on the wall of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, and best of all I didn't even have to lick anyones tongue for it to get there.

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