Thursday, July 03, 2014

LEGO of me you creep!

Hey movie star, what's the goss?

A couple of months ago I entered a competition on the very cool website TheThousands and very cooly I was lucky enough to win a double pass to go to the movies and see The Grand Budapest Hotel!

I was pretty excited, I never go to the movies, I guess mostly because it costs a thousand dollars, which made the fact that this particular screening was courtesy of TheThousands all the more sweet. (Not quite as sweet as my Boysenberry choc-top, but still very sweet none the less.)

Anyway I loved Budapest Hotel. One of my favourite movies is Fantastic Mr. Fox and for a lot of reasons Budapest felt a lot like a real life version. But this isn't a film review, the reason I've brought it up is to show you this drawing I did while I kicked off my shoes, chomped the choc off the top of my choc-top and waited for the film to start.
It was really dark once the lights went down but I kept drawing until eventually LEGO Batman came onto the screen and told me to turn my phone off.
And so yeah, here's the result, away from all of the movie magic. 
I'm pretty sure the only other movie I've seen at the cinema this year was the LEGO Movie. Unfortunately I had to pay for my ticket to this one myself, but that's ok, I'm a grown up, I can afford it, (plus I went on cheap Tuesday), all the same though... um... er... I'm trying to come up with a joke, something along the lines of "the only thing more expensive than going to see the LEGO Movie is buying actual LEGO". It's not the best joke but well, there's no way out of this paragraph, I'm stuck between a block and a hard place. Ha, anyway, I'll LEGO of that idea, let's move on.

I've always loved LEGO, and so the LEGO Movie coming out was pretty exciting, it certainly made the arrival of my trams a lot more fun than usual.
But it wasn't just me excited about the LEGO Movie, even the newspaper turned the head of this sexual predator into blocks.
It wasn't all waiting for delayed trams and reading about horrible, horrible predators though, eventually I got to actually see the LEGO Movie, here's a photo of me in the audience.
And here's a drawing I did while waiting for it to start.
I think the LEGO drawing turned out a Thousands times better than the Budapest did, I guess I blocked it out a bit better.
But ok, I better get going as my dinner isn't going to cook itself. Maybe I should just head back to the cinema and get a choc-top. It's not too unhealthy, I mean boysenberry, that's a fruit.

Anyway thanks heaps for reading, hope you're having a night of glitz and glamour, and here's a drawing of the blockhead from the newspaper.

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