Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lag to the future

Hey, how've you been? I figure it's about time I write a new blog post but I should point out I'm super sleepy so this might not be the best. I always thought jet lag was made up, but it turns out it's actually a thing.

Jet lag just means my mind's all foggy from my dumb old circadian rhythm being a bit out of time. Jet lag's fine and all, but I'd much prefer to have Jetsons lag, which is pretty much the same thing as jet lag with the only difference being that instead of your body adjusting to a new time zone you're just really tired from staying up all night watching The Jetsons.

In light of this, here's a drawing I just did of George Jetson.
And here's a drawing I did of George Jet-lag-son, (drawn on a jet while watching the movie Her).
One thing that's kind of nice about my body still being on Italy time is that it's been really easy to watch the soccer, (in Italy soccer is actually on at a normal hour). Currently in the front room of West Space gallery is a work by Melbourne artist (and once upon a time tutor of mine) Tully Moore which consists of live screening all the games of the World Cup, and so that's where I've been the last two mornings.

Here's a photo from West Space yesterday morning of me and Tully, eating raspberry jam toast and watching Brazil beat Croatia 3-1 at 6am.
And here I am this morning at West Space watching Australia lose 3-1 to Chile. That's my old honours supervisor, the great Jon Campbell, whose head is blocking the screen.
Here's a photo from after that game of me and Beatriz, who was the only person at West Space that was happy with the result of the game as she was the only person there from Chile, (I was a bit Chile myself but that's only because it was a very cold morning).
These are the first two games of soccer that I've ever watched, I didn't expect to enjoy them as much as I did but it's pretty easy to get caught up in it. Even still though I much prefer playing it, and it just so happens that very briefly I did at 3pm today in a big game in Newport between West Space Gallery and Substation Gallery.

My tiredness didn't stop me from being a pro for the two minutes that I was on the field but it did make me not think to take any photos of the game, and even though I'm sure some photos will surface soon in the meantime here's a sloppy drawing I just did of me wearing the Substation team colours; black shorts, a black tshirt and an orange headband.
(That's meant to be my dearest artist teammate Lisa Radford who I've drawn standing next to me. Obviously.)

Ha, anyway so I got back from Rome at 5am on Thursday morning, from there I went straight to Substation and installed my new work, and then at 6pm that night was the opening.

I'm looking forward to writing a little about the Substation show next time but for now go check it out if you can, it's on until July 6. (Substation is at 1 Market Street in Newport.)

Also, just because I played soccer for team Substation doesn't mean I'm not also team West Space, and from 6pm this Tuesday night come along and potentially buy a new work by me at the opening of the West Space fundraiser. Click here for all the details and a list of all the amazing artists involved.

And of course, as well as the current Substation show and the West Space fundraiser, if you happen to be in Italy remember that until June 20 you can still go see my work at Galleria 291 in Rome.

Amazingly the show at Galleria 291, (a two person exhibition featuring new bodies of work by myself and Melbourne artist Georgina Lee), was just written about in the Italian publication Face Magazine as one of the "Not To Be Missed Exhibitions in Italy this Summer", right inbetween a Frida Kahlo exhibition and an Andy Warhol show. So cool! Grazia Face Magazine. Click here if you wanna read that, (although remember it's in Italian).

But yeah, there's plenty of stuff going on, and now that I have the internet again there's lots of stories to fill you in on, but it's been so good to get away for a bit and for tonight I just wanted to make a couple of pointless drawings and write you this rambly little hello.

And so yeah, I'll wrap this up now by taking a selfie of me pretending to do what I'd like to do which is put my head on the table and fall asleep, and after that I'll get up and make my way home via the hour long train ride. Thanks heaps for reading, hopefully see you on Tuesday night at West Space, oh and yeah, let me know if you happen to have a DVD of The Jetsons you can lend me.

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  1. I have the jetsons DVD. I'll send you an email about it! - Ree