Sunday, June 01, 2014

Italian Master-feasts

Mama mia, did you hear the good news?! The National Gallery of Victoria just opened up an exhibition of Italian Masterpieces.

Here’s a photo taken as I was standing right in front of the gallery right before I saw the show. 
Well, I was about to see the show at least. That guy sitting there topless seemed like he knew how to live, soaking up the rays, and so I took off my top as well and worked a bit on my golden tan.

I remained distracted and doing that for hours until eventually I got hungry and realised it was after five o’clock and the NGV was closed!
After that I was itching to see the Italian masterpieces now and couldn’t bare the thought of having to wait around all night for the gallery to open again, so obviously I went to the International Airport and bought a ticket to Italy. 

Before the flight, to cure my grumbling tummy, I sat with my Mum and Dad and ate an Italian BMT footlong sub on Italian Herb and cheese bread.
Anyway 22 hours later I'm in Italy eating another Subway Italian BMT, except over here they're just called BMT. (Actually no, unfortunately even in Italy they're still called Italian BMT's.)
Ha, anyway, my point is I'm in Rome. I have so much to say about Italy but I don't really have time just now, but maybe I'll talk for a second about the Italian Subway, which is amazing. The bread is so fresh, and the salami is real salami, they slice it right infront you, the pastrami is the same and the ham, well yeah, that's the same as well.
Plus they also offer corn as a salad. I tried it, it was great. They don't offer mozzarella cheese on the subs here which I thought was pretty strange, but alternatively they do offer cream cheese. 
On a side note, everyone knows that a BLT stands for bacon, lettuce, tomato, but did you know that the BMT stands for biggest, meatiest, tastiest? So there you go, there's a fun fact, or should I say, a yum fact. (Ha, great writing.)
I should probably point out I've also been eating a lot of other food too but for now I just wanted to invite you to a two person exhibition I'm in with another Melbourne artist Georgina Lee, that opens tonight, at Galleria 291, at Vialle Dello Scalo San Lorenzo in Rome. 

If you happen to be in Rome, roam over to the gallery for a drink and a panini!
The show runs from tonight, (May 31), until June 20, and yeah, for more information click on this sentence to see a blog post by Italian writer Naima Morreli, who curated the exhibition.

But ok, I'd better go sort out dinner, I won't get Subway but I will try and find something that's BMT. Thanks heaps for reading, I'm not here very long but if you've got tips about Italy please send me an email!, Looking forward to catching up with you when I get back, ciao!

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  1. are you going to get a chance to got subway in Paris while you're OS?