Saturday, June 21, 2014

In Godfather we trust

Mama mia, there's only one day left of my show in Rome, so if you happen to be in the area then please scoot your vespa down to Galleria 291.EST. 

Click here for all the details about the exhibition.

I'll put up all the documentation of the show soon but in the meantime here's one of my sculptures in the show, it's of The Godfather, which is probably the book that made me the hardened mobster I am today.
(The Godfather, acrylic on ceramic, 17.5 x 11 x 4.5cm, 2014)

I hand sculpted the piece based on a copy of The Godfather that my Mum gave me, I think for my 19th birthday. Not long after I got the book I remember literally staying up all night reading it, (why would anyone want to go to sleep when they could read about people sleeping with the fishes?)

Anyway it's possible this sculpture might find a home in Italy and not come back to Australia, (if the person interested makes me an offer I can't refuse), and so yeah, if you'd like to see the work maybe you could fly to Italy this weekend?

But alas, (or should I say, 'but atlas'), if instead of the summertime in Italy you're spending this weekend in rainy town Melbourne then there's another show for you, as today is also the last day to see my work in the West Space fundraiser. 

Here's a photo of my new piece on West Space's instagram, ha, and as you can see it's getting infinitely more 'likes' than anything I've ever posted on my instagram.
As well as digital 'likes', here's a photo of two people at the opening who are hopefully "liking" the work in analogue real life, (or perhaps what's equally as possible is they're just standing in front of my work and talking about something completely unrelated in their life that they like).
And here's me and my buddy Dan in front of the piece, doing what we do every night, which is try to make our mouths into rainbows.
It was only after the photo that I realised Dan was using his middle fingers.

Ha, but yeah, West Space is the best and it was a great night and I was over the moon, (or 'over the rainbow'), to see that someone bought my work. Apparently it sold real quick and I was even very flatteringly told that it was hung up the back so that people had to get to it the way that supermarkets put milk in the back of the store. I know that's definitely just a lie I was told but even still, being compared to milk was really mooving. You know, mooving... as in moo... as in a cow... as in milk... Is this thing on? (taps microphone*)

Anyway I went back to West Space today and had another look around, there's so much great work. 

One work just near mine is this water-colour slash collage by my past honors supervisor and timeless legend Jon Campbell. It's titled "Underdogs". I started to do a drawing of the text 'underdogs' but only got up to the word 'under' before my marker completely ran out. 
Anyway I took my under drawing home and here it is now, under my dog.
Ha, but ok, there's three more things I planned on mentioning in this blog post but rather than attempt to come up with flimsy ways to weave them together maybe I just won't bother with unnecessary segues.

First up, just for fun, here's a drawing I just did of Fat Tony from The Simspon's reading The Godfather.

You'd hope I'd have better ways to spend my Saturday than drawing Fat Tony, but fat chance of that I guess.
The second extremely interesting and unrelated thing is that at the West Space opening I asked my pal Heather "What've you been up to?" and she told me how she'd just been taking photos for Joel and Benji Madden. That's definitely worth mentioning here yeah? Lifestyles of the rich and the famous. So here's the proof of that.
And finally, to end this post, here's a little video of me in Florence, having a bit of fun in a fountain out the front of the Palazzo Pitti. It's filmed wonderfully by the wonderful Melbourne artist Georgina Lee, ha, although I should probably point out that I thought I was posing for a photograph and didn't realise it was a video. 
Ok, I think that's all for today, thanks so much for reading, I hope you're having a great day, and yeah if you can get to Galleria 291, or West Space, or my show at Substation is still on as well, any of those would be awesome. Otherwise maybe stay home and read the Godfather, or watch The Simpsons, or heck, why not listen to Good Charlotte, and if all else fails, just find a dog to be under.

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  1. Hey Kenny, I live in Rome so I'm going to go Check out the show later! Look great!