Friday, May 09, 2014

Sinking the Boot in

The other day my Dad said to me Hey I like your new painting

Yeah, really? I said, thanksIt felt a bit weird, I don't think my Dad's ever said that to me, so quickly followed it up with Which painting?

The squiggly one out on the porch, he said, and then I realised what he was talking about.
Dad I didn't do that, it's a Van Gogh.

Oh ok.

You know the Don Maclean song, "Starry, starry night", that's the painting he's singing about. It's pretty famous.

Yeah, alright.

Ha, Dad telling me he liked my new painting and pointing to a Van Gogh print is a pretty funny joke, but I think the fact that he was being sincere is even funnier.
Anyway, after all that I've decided I'm gonna get rid of the Van Gogh print, I can't have it sitting around and outshining me. And so if you'd like to be the new starry-eyed owner of this print then this is your lucky weekend, all you gotta do is come to Das Boot.
Das Boot is an exhibition fair type thing on this weekend, as part of the Next Wave Festival and curated by two of my favourite Melbourne artists; Oscar Perry and Esther Stewart.

The event is for two days only, tomorrow (12-6pm ) and Sunday (10am-2pm), at the Arts House meat market car park, 5 Blackwood Street, in North Melbourne.

Here's the flyer, and as you can see there's some pretty big names in the show, (Clare Wilmot Griffiths and Benjamin Lichtenstein are officially the biggest names, they both have twenty letters).
Lots of artists will be flogging stuff and there'll be all kinds of events going on. Here's a link to the website, (it's designed by Rowan McNaught, and a particularly fun thing about it is that the classifieds in the background change every time you click refresh).

The only work in the show I really know about is by Melbourne artist Natalie Turnbull, I hear she's making a sculpture by filling up a car cover with balloons. I can't wait to see it. Hopefully she uses helium balloons so that it turns into one of those futuristic flying cars that science fiction has been promising us for years.

Anyway, once you've been blown away by the future please come back to the present in time to my stall and make me an offer on the Van Gogh print. 10 bucks? An old pipe? Your ear? I'll take anything. EVERYTHING MUST GOGH!!!

Actually no, not everything must gogh, in fact at this stage aside from the Van Gogh print I don't think anything at my stall will actually be for sale on the day. Instead my stall will just be made up of a collection of my sculptures, some from the past and lots that're totally brand new, that just look like a typical market stall, based on the kind of stalls I see at my favourite market; the Wantirna Trash and Treasure.

Speaking of the Wantirna trash and treasure, here's a photo I took there of a wee little girl who was very excited to see a stuffed dalmation.
Ha, hopefully you're equally as excited about this weekend, and so yeah, this weekend, don't leave me all alone, have a rummage and hang ten at the Next Wave! If you ask nicely I might even draw your portrait. Das Boot is gonna be heaps of fun, so come say hi, strap on your das boots, cause you know they were made for das walking.

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